The Arts

The Arts:

The Arts programs at Boys And Girls Clubs of Central Texas aim at helping kids discover their hidden talent. Various Kids Activities under The Arts program focus on creativity, imagination, arts and crafts in kids.

National Fine Arts Exhibit Program

This year-round program encourages artistic expression among Club members ages 6-18 through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits. A panel of distinguished judges selects works of inclusion in the National Fine Arts Exhibit, which is displayed throughout the ensuing year at BGCA events, including the annual National Conference. Each winning artist’s work is featured in a virtual gallery on BGCA’s Web sites.

ImageMakers National Photography Contest
This year-round program encourages Club members ages 6-18 to learn and practice black-and-white, color, digital and alternative process photography. ImageMakers has three components: a photography programming resource guide full of fun, creative kids activity ideas for three skill levels; small grants for Clubs to start or strengthen photography programs; and an annual photography contest that provides local, regional and national recognition. Club members’ photographs selected at the contest’s national level are exhibited at the BGCA National Conference and at other events and venues. Winners in the portfolio category receive college scholarships. Each winning artist’s work is feature in a virtual gallery on the ImageMakers Web site, The Web site also features resources, tools and fun interactive activities, such as a virtual camera and online photo contests, to further enhance Boys And Girls Club Texas members’ experience with photography. Circuit City Foundation sponsors ImageMakers.

Digital Arts Suite and Festivals
Club Tech’s suite of self-directed digital arts courseware consists of Web Tech (Web page design), Design Tech (graphic design), Photo Tech (photo illustration) and Music Tech. Movie Tech contains detailed instructor materials for teaching members to write screenplays and facilitating the hands-on process of filming and editing digital movies.

Summer Music Camp for Teens

In partnership with the Texas Folk Music Foundation, the music camp for teens was developed to provide a venue for youth ages 13-18 to explore all forms of music and poetry.  From learning instruments, writing lyrics and writing music, youth are mentored by professional artists and poets.  Rustic tent camping, canoe trips and open MIC nights await youth from central Texas.  For more information on kids activities, youth participant applications and volunteer applications, please go to 

Drama Matters 

TNT DramaMatters Afterschool, a drama education program for Clubs, was developed in collaboration with Turner Network Television. TNT DramaMatters Afterschool is a flexible resource for Clubs designed to raise awareness about the benefits of drama education.




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