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Benefits Of Recreational Activities For Kids

Childhood is the most crucial phase of one’s life as it is the time when one learns about various aspects of life. It is believed that children are quick learners as compared to the adults. The reason is their sharp grasping power and an immense love to learn new things.

When we talk about learning, it is not just the bookish knowledge but also the creativity part. There is a hidden talent inside every kid which needs to be recognized as early as possible, so that those skills may further get polished.

Recreational activities involve immense fun along with the learning process. Many parents consider recreational activities as a waste of time and want their kid to just study.  It is very important for every parent to know about the importance of recreational activities.  Activities like sports, music, dance, drama, debate, quiz, photography, painting, cheerleading etc, fall under category of recreational or the extra-curricular activities which can have positive impact on overall development of the child.

The benefits of these activities are not only limited to fun, but also to the physical, mental and creative development of your child. They learn to socialize and thus become more confident, they start getting aware about their interests in various fields, they learn to work as a team, they learn discipline and most important, stay diverted from addiction.

Parents and teachers are the ones who play the key role in shaping the kid’s future. They must understand that the kids will have a bright future not only by getting good grades but also by developing expertise in a particular field. Mastering in any of the extra-curricular activities would be a plus point for the kid when he would be entering the professional life.

We, at The Boys And Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, provide kids with a golden opportunity to bring out the budding talent within them. We guide them all the way through the training and provide them with a range of recreational activities to participate in.

Enroll your kid now to help him lead a healthier, happier and a stress free life. For more details about our programs, please visit The Boys And Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, 304 W Ave B, TX – 76541 or call Ms. Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808 Ext: 102.

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Boys And Girls Club Of Central Texas Boosts Your Kid's Grades

Which parent would not want their kid to do well in the academics? Good performance by a kid is always the dream of one’s parent.  They try to give their child the best training possible so that they do better in school.

However, school teaching alone is not enough if proper revision is not done of the taught lesson. The time given for each subject is not enough for complete grasping as each student has a different level and pace of understanding. Teachers usually are not able to give personal attention to every child in the class and hence proper learning cannot depend entirely upon school. A child has to make efforts to excel in acedemics on his own too.

Educational club is a good solution to this problem. Along with developing the personality of the child, these clubs also assist in boosting their grades.

Boys And Girls Club Of Central Texas runs various educational programs which emphasizes at enhancing children’s knowledge in an interesting way. They ensure equal participation of kids in the learning process and cover not just the academic aspect but also their reading, writing, discussions and homework help skills. These skills target at the improvement of the grades and other activities that caters in developing the child’s cognitive skills.

The club has a ‘Power Hour’ that helps children especially in the age group of 6-16, in providing them in the homework help and tutoring and train them well enough to become independent students.
While there is ‘Career Launch’ meant for children between the age group of 13-18 to polish their skills and interests, explore careers, make sound educational choice and getting them all set to join the professional field.

We at The Boys And Girls Club Of Central Texas make your kid learn the right way to study along with boosting his thought process by engaging him in various activities. We assure you to experience a radical change in your child from the first day of learning.

Enroll your kid today. For further queries contact Boys And Girls Club Of Central Texas, 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541 or contact Ms. Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808 Ext: 102.

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Resistance Training At Boys And Girls Club Of Central Texas

It is now an Omni present problem that youngsters are suffering from various life threatening problems. These can be either social or physical or mental in nature which cannot be handled by parents alone. It requires a specialized person to talk to them and make them understand in the right way. Situation can get even worse if we become harsh on them.

The problems that most of the youth suffer include addiction to tobacco, smoking, alcohol, drugs and premature sexual activity. They must be taught to differentiate between the right and wrong habits that can have a huge impact on their lives.

We at Boys and Girls Club Of Central Texas run a resistance training program for these kids who need personal attention and right motivation to bring them back on the right track. We make them get engaged in interactive and small group activities that helps them in enhancing their life skills and build in them leadership skills.

The education program aims at dealing with their problems and by involving them in discussions, practicing resistance and refusal skills, developing boldness, strengthening decision making skills and examining the media and peer influence. They are made to understand the harmful effects of tobacco and drug use.

The program is conducted throughout the year to encourage teamwork with the club staff, youngsters, their parents and guardians.  The program has been categorized as follows:

  • SMART Kids, for children between 6 to 9 years of age.
  • Start SMART, for children between 10 to 12 years of age.
  • Stay SMART, for children between 13 to 15 years of age.
  •  SMART Parents
  • SMART Leaders, a peer leader/booster program for older teens
  • F.A.N. Club (Family Advocacy Network), an educational program for parents and caregivers of SMART Moves participants, it is also offered in the collaboration between BGCA and Pennsylvania State University, with an aim to achieve a positive result in tacking the kid’s problems.

Our club understands the problems your child as well as you are going through and hence assure you that we would help your child to the fullest to make him lead a healthy and happy life. To register your child for the resistance training program visits the  Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas , 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX-76541 or call us at 254-699-5808.

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Great Lives Start At Boys And Girls Club, Texas

Planning to head forward to Central Texas in your holidays? The best option to make your holidays thrilling and keep yourself busy is to join a Boys And Girls Club in Central Texas. There are many clubs out there that aim to provide you with the best they can. They tend to empower all the young boys and girls to attain their full potential as dependable, productive, loving and kind citizens.

There are many clubs in this area of Texas and they suit everyone’s pocket. The clubs generally keep their fees low so that every child can afford to join them. They are a completely safe place to grow and learn. They focus on providing many on-going relations among the masses. Every Boys And Girls Club has its own mission. Some focus on life-enhancing programs while some lay stress on character development. It is a great opportunity for every kid to be a part of such clubs as he or she would learn many new things in life. Overall personality of a child is developed as he or she joins these clubs.

In general, such clubs provide the following programs:

Leadership and Character: The clubs includes the programs that inculcate in us, the leadership qualities that help us to stand out among the common people. They focus on character development and provide opportunities for decision making.

Recreation and Sports: Sports is certainly the hallmark of any club and it largely helps the boys and girls to remain fit, healthy and alert. The kids learn various skills for stress management.
Education and Career: The programs lay stress on building a secure and a bright future of the children. They provide opportunities to enhance their education.

Life Skills: The programs help the kids to remain healthy and maintain their active lifestyles. They help the kids to head forward to become self-sufficient adults in the future.

Arts: The art programs develop creativity among the children. They generate cultural awareness with the means of performing arts, creative writing, visual arts, photography and crafts.

So, if you want your kid to reach his or her full potential, then don’t waste a single moment and make your lad a part of Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas It will transform your kid’s life and help him or her in turning out to be a rational being. For further consultations, feel free to contact Ms Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) at 254-699-5808.

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