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Why Character Education Is Important For Children

Character is the essence of who we are. A good character helps one stay grounded and rooted amidst the challenges in today’s fast-changing and complex world. Character education is being increasingly emphasized upon as it incorporates values and ethics which instill emotional maturity early on in a child’s life. It makes children kind, responsible and respectful beings. Parents and teachers have a vital role in influencing a child’s thoughts, words, feelings and actions by consistently enforcing ethical behavior in them. Here are some benefits of character education for children:

  • Fosters Personal Growth
The skills required for character development bring out other benefits such as increased self-esteem, more confidence, resilience, integrity etc. Kids with a rich character are better able to adjust with others at home, school and in their community.

  • Better Academic Performance
Kids who are taught character education perform better in academics. They are disciplined and regular at attending school. A child who possesses traits of sound character such as patience and diligence is easier to teach.

  • Rich Relationships
Children who are taught character education have happier relationships with others. They are empathetic and tolerant to the behaviors of others. Such kids also get along better with their peers and family members.

  • A Better Society
Character education is crucial for modern societies. If children are taught the skills to adopt for a good character, there will be fewer cases of racism, xenophobia, violence etc. They will be more concerned about the welfare of others. Such kids turn into balanced and civic-minded adults who are better employees, neighbors, leaders and most importantly responsible citizens of the nation.

  • Reduction In Substance Abuse
incorporating character education helps students differentiate good from bad. They are brave enough to resist the pressure of substance abuse without feeling ashamed. They are clear about how they want to shape their lives and develop self-control to stay away from what’s not good for their physical and emotional health.

  • Better Critical Thinking Skills
Kids engaged in a character development program are more in tune with their feelings and are easily motivated to learn and explore. Such kids have shown to analyze themselves better. Such an analysis of feelings leads to better critical thinking skills.

  • Integral To Success
Character education can be considered as the “X factor” for a child’s success in the modern-day world. Individuals with a strong character are better equipped to be successful in all spheres of life. They are more adaptable and focused on their goals.

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, offer a wide range of character building programs for kids from 6 to 18 years of age. To enroll your child at the club, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

How To Teach Time Management To Children

Time management is an important life skill every child should learn at an early stage. Kids who master the art of time management have been shown to perform better at school and grow into responsible successful adults.

Here are some great tips to help your child become better at managing time -

• Make It A Fun Process
Encourage your child to create fun and colorful calendars or buy them one. Use creative stickers to mark important days on the calendar. Make the completion of a task feel like a game that has to be completed within a specific span of time. The overall process should be playful and enjoyable.

• Begin Early
The earlier a child starts learning lessons of time management, easier it will be for them to incorporate the habit. It’s best to start teaching simple tasks like homework completion, packing the bag for next day and so on to be completed within the set time frame during preschool years.

• Countdowns
Countdown is an effective way of teaching kids how to measure time. You can even download cute apps that function as countdown timers to make it fun for them. Challenge your child to complete a task before the timer rings. You can also set a challenge for yourself along with your child to add an element of competition and fun.

• Planning Together
It’s a great idea to have a family calendar that has each members plan highlighted on it. This teaches kids how activities are allotted to specific days and they should be done in accordance with that plan. Encourage kids to participate in such planning activities. Get your child a cute planner or calendar for their own plans.

• Discipline

When it comes to time management, discipline is everything. In the early days of time management lessons for your kids, stick to the schedule and don’t budge even for a few minutes. Teach your kids to adhere to schedules without being lenient.

• Child Friendly Tools
Use visually stimulating kid friendly tools and techniques to help your child learn time management. For instance use apps, magnetic calendars, colorful stickers, notepads and diaries, planning whiteboards, etc.

• Rewards
Motivate your child by giving daily or weekly rewards. The reward could be letting your child indulge in an activity they like, a movie or family activity, etc. There should be something for a child to look forward to, on achieving a time based milestone.

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, offer a wide range of programs for kids up to 18 years of age. To enroll your child at the club, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.