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Benefits Of Drama Education

The incorporation of drama education in schools has the potential of bringing up profound changes in the academic performance of a student in addition to building vital individual skills. Drama education benefits students on a physical, emotional and social level.

Let’s take a look at some major benefits of drama education:

  • Increases Self-Confidence: Drama education makes students comfortable with facing unfamiliar situations and people. Drama expands their horizons and helps them think outside the box. Students become more confident about their ideas and abilities in school, at the workplace later in life and in the society. Participating in dramas is a boon for introvert and reserved children.
  • Creativity: Drama education promotes creative thinking in students. They are open to trying out new ideas and looking at things from different angles. Drama boosts their imaginative faculties and expression.
  • Working As A Team: Students who are engaged in drama at school learn to look at things from the perspective of others. This instils a sense of cooperation in them. They learn how to hold healthy discussions with others and how to gracefully accept feedback from others.
  • Improved Communication Skills: Verbal and non-verbal communication are an essential part of drama education. Students in this field have to work on their vocal projection, expressions, articulation and tone. This tremendously improves their communication, listening and observation skills.
  • Reduces Stress: Drama is a wonderful stress buster for students. It creates a playful and energized atmosphere. Drama students are usually a humorous and motivated lot. They get a chance to release all their aggression and tension filled emotions in a safe and structured way. It helps them come to terms with their own emotions in a more mature way.
  • Sharper Memory: Remembering the lines and movements in drama workout the brain and improves memory.
  • Empathy: As students play the role of different people in their drama class, they become aware and sensitive towards the feelings of others. Being empathetic makes them better citizens and caring humans.
  • Better Health: Drama education not only boosts the mental faculties but also the physical ones. Performers are required to make intensive movements over a long period of time. This improves their flexibility and coordination.
  • Adaptability: Drama teaches students to quickly adapt to a given situation and improvise. They foster the habit of thinking quickly and communicating flawlessly with the audience. They learn how to take any unexpected situation in their stride and take hold of a situation.

Thus, the benefits of drama education go far beyond the classroom into the daily lives of students. Drama education not only boosts confidence in students, it also promotes self-discipline, a spirit of overcoming obstacles, communication and language skills and much more.

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How Sports Help In Reducing Stress

The fast paced times we live in have almost made it normal to feel stressed. However, curbing stress and its ill effects is the need of the hour for maintaining a healthy mind and body. One great way of reducing stress, is to participate in sports. From academic stress to peer pressure, children might be bound by various stress factors. This is why it is extremely essential for kids to participate in sports to ensure their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Here’s how this works:

• Release Of Endorphins
Both group and solitary sports activities have been proven to stimulate the production of neurotransmitters called endorphins. These brain chemicals have been shown to give a high and instantly boost ones mood. This feeling is also referred to as “runner’s high”. High levels of endorphins are associated with a positive mood and decreased pain and stress.

• Better Mental Health

Regular exercise and participation in sports has immense physical and mental benefits. By reducing levels of stress, playing sports can help in warding off symptoms of depression and anxiety. People who participate in sports report having better sleep at night than those who don’t. Lack of sleep has been shown to exuberate levels of anxiety. Good quality sleep inevitably results into a general sense of well-being and less stress.

• Breaking The Negative Loop

Participation in sports forces a person to cut the loop of negative thoughts that lead to stress. Sports encourage a person to interact with others and step out of the mind for a while. Such a disconnection from stressful thoughts helps one move towards better thought patterns with the help of increased levels of the hormone oxytocin. Team sports are specially great for reducing stress. After an invigorating sports session, a person feels motivated, energized and ready to take on any problems that come their way with a fresh attitude.

• Increased Self-Worth
A low feeling of self-worth is directly proportional to the levels of stress. People with low self-esteem usually find themselves feeling stressed about the minutest of things. Surprisingly, low self-esteem has a strong connection with an inactive lifestyle. Being active in a sport of your choice will help in increasing self-confidence and foster a feeling of being worthwhile. When you feel nice about yourself from within you are ready to face daily challenges with a bright smile and brave attitude. A positive frame of mind will lead to you stressing less about mundane stuff.

• Prevents Stress Eating
Lack of physical activity inevitably leads to an increase in stress hormones in the body. Many people have a tendency to overeat or indulge in excessive sweet foods to get rid of stressful feelings. However, this only provides temporary relief. Engaging in a sports activity during leisure time helps in burning extra calories and building muscles. The release of good hormones as against the bad ones leads to making better food choices. So, it can be safely concluded that sports also help in maintaining weight and improving food habits that might deteriorate due to stress and a sedentary lifestyle.

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, offer a wide range of programs for kids from 6 to 18 years of age. To enroll your child at the club, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Keep Your Kid's Brain Sharp With These Activities

Most parents in Killeen, TX complain that their kids are glued to TV, mobile phone or laptop most of the times. If you too are one of them, you must take a considerate step and consider indulging your son/daughter in some fun as well as mind-stimulating activities. Listed below are some ideas that can help to sharpen your kid’s brain and also keep him/her engaged:

  • Scrabble – The All Time Favorite Board Game
  • Reading – Books, novels and even comics
  • Mathematics – It’s all about the numbers
  • Sports Activities – Keep them physically active
  • New Hobbies – Let them explore their hidden talents

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