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Teaching Goal Setting To Kids

A major lesson to teach your children is that setting goals is important in order to become successful individuals in life. A child who learns the art of setting goals early in life is likely to succeed, as they know how to aspire for things, and also work towards achieving them.

Goal-setting is something that comes through practice, until it becomes a habit that comes naturally. Here is a look at some strategies that can be adopted to teach kids the importance of goal-setting.

  • The first thing to remember when trying to teach children how to set goals is that they learn what they see. Be a good example to your child, and involve them in the process of your own goals. When kids watch their parents taking their goals seriously, they are more likely to follow the same with their own goals. This could be something as simple as a goal to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, to complex goals like reaching a certain target at work.
  • As a parent, it is important to sit down with your children and have a conversation about goal-setting. Start by defining the term goal, and asking them questions about how important it is to set goals. This will help you identify any aspects of their thought process that might need to be worked on.
  • Age-old technique of rewarding children each time they achieve a goal does not fail. This works for kids of all ages, provided the reward is something that is enticing to them. You could do whatever works for your kids, such as stickers, stars, brownie points etc., and offer them a reward when they meet a certain goal.
  • Finally, involve yourself in the process of identifying goals for your children. You can opt for a visual method like a blackboard or notice board. You could also help them create a goal journal with simple entries like what their goal was, what they did to achieve it, and how they felt after they achieved it. This is a great way to keep them motivated, as they can always look back at their journal and draw inspiration to work harder towards future goals.

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How To Make Homework Easier For Kids

Homework time can be a bit challenging for some parents, as their children show no interest in completing it. Here we have mentioned some methods, which can assist you in portraying homework as a fun filled activity rather than a monotonous task.

  • Establish a creative environment – In order to generate interest in homework, you must create a heathy environment. Look for an isolated room and ensure that while studying, your kid stays away from gadgets that can distract them. To create an encouraging atmosphere, you may also bring fancy notebooks and other stationery items for your child.
  • Be a motivator –Do not try to control your child and scold him for not doing his homework. Instead, try narrating him success stories of great people and their accomplishments, so that he knows the importance of a good education. It will help your child to develop interest in his studies.
  • Schedule a regular homework time – In order to develop a routine of your child and ensure that he gets ample time to participate in all other activities, you can dedicate a particular time slot for doing homework. This will help your kid to see his homework as a routine activity and not a burden.
  • Give rewards on every progress – Setting up a reward system can help homework look like a fun activity rather than a boring task. For instance, if your child completes homework on time, you may buy him his favorite ice-cream or a chocolate.
  • Play education games – In order to make doing homework look fascinating, you can always convert the assignments into a game. For example, if your child is working on vocabulary, you can create flash cards to help him remember the word and its meaning.
  • Accompany your kid – Do not let your kid sit alone and do the home work. You can sit with him for some time and try to clear the doubts that he may face while completing his assignments. This will keep your child motivated and focused while studying.
  • Opt for tutoring programs: If you notice that your child is not responding well to all the above mentioned methods, you may opt for tutoring programs. These programs will help your kid become a self-directed learner and will improve his academic skills.
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How To Make the Most Out Of Tutoring: Tips For Parents

A good tutor can help your child with homework and build a strong academic base for him. However, parents can also play a vital role in making the tutoring experience successful and provide quality education to the child. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can help your child make the most out of the tutoring sessions:

Communication is necessary

It is important to maintain frequent communication with your child’s tutor. He will make you aware about the strengths and weaknesses of the child so that you can assist him overcome the weak areas. An open communication with the tutors may help you to know the reason of his under-performance. In order to keep a track of the progress, you must share your child’s score with the tutors.  This will improve the academic performance of your kid.

Set realistic goals for your child

Make sure you set achievable goals for your kid. You should discuss these goals with the tutor so that they know your expectations. This will help the child to attain his academic goals without putting any unwanted stress on his mind. You can also offer rewards and prizes to him if he gets good grades or completes a project on time. It will encourage your child to work hard and perform better.

Reinforce the lessons

You should assist your child practice the learning material at home. It will help him in grasping the concepts in a better way. You can also make use of everyday examples to make the learning experience interesting.

Encourage your child to ask questions

Asking questions from the tutor will help to clear the doubts and gain a better understanding of the concepts. Your child will be able to retain the information for a longer time and become a logical learner.

Choose a suitable time

You should know the time when your child feels comfortable going for tutoring. It can be right after the school or in the evening. Choosing a suitable time will help the child to become responsive as well as engaged which will increase his efficiency in academics.

If you follow the above mentioned tips, you can definitely assist your child in getting good academic grades.

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Homework Help- A Guide For Parents

Homework takes learning beyond the classrooms and is a great way to help the kids remember as well as understand the concepts taught in school. It teaches them to be responsible and gives them a chance to enhance their creativity. Parents can also provide homework help to their kids. They can analyze the quality of assignments given by the teachers and can guide their kid to do it accordingly.

Listed below are a number of ways through which parents can help their kids with their homework:

Create An Environment That Is Conducive To Learning
Parents should make sure that there are no distractions when the kid is doing his homework. Television and computer should either be switched off or the volume should be kept low. The room should be well lit and comfortable.

Prepare And Maintain A Schedule
It is important for kids to devote a fixed amount of time to their homework. Parents can help them to prepare a schedule to make sure they give ample time to self study, homework as well as leisure.

Tutoring Programs
In case you are unable to provide homework help to your child, you can enroll him in a tutoring program. The tutors will help him with homework and clear his doubts. They also provide the required guidance to understand important concepts in a better way.

Encourage Him To Be Creative
Parents should encourage their kid to be creative with his writing assignments. Provide guidance wherever needed but do not pour him with ideas. Make it a point to clear all the doubts and proofread assignments of your child. In case he makes a mistake, be patient and correct him so that he does not repeat it again.

Provide Him With The Required Supplies
To develop interest in homework, provide the child with all the required stationary. If there is a special assignment that needs him to buy things, try to accompany the child to the store.

Treat Him With Rewards And Appreciation
If the child completes homework on his own, it is important for the parents to acknowledge his efforts. Treat him with his favorite dinner and appreciate his efforts in front of the family to motivate him.

Keep In Touch With The Teacher
Parents who are actively involved in their child’s assignments know which areas need more focus. If there are certain concepts that he finds difficult to understand, parents can contact the teachers and discuss ways to help him.
It is necessary for parents to understand that homework is meant to benefit the child. Let him bring out his own imagination and creativity. It is necessary for the child to learn from his homework and not feel discouraged when faced with doubts.

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Tutoring Programs In Killleen, Texas

After-school tutoring programs can not only help in developing new learning strategies but also improve educational productivity of the students. These programs aim at enhancing the academic performance and self confidence among them.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas organizes after-school tutoring programs for kids aged between 6 and 18 years. The club helps to boost the educational as well as practical skills of students.   

Tutoring programs offered by the club include:

  • Project Learn: This program aims at improving the skills and knowledge which the kids acquire from their school. It includes activities such as leisure reading, writing, homework help etc. Games such as scrabble are also organized to help the kids boost their cognitive abilities. The program is beneficial in providing a stimulating learning environment for kids of age 6 to 18 years.    
  • Power Hour: Making Minutes Count: In this program, kids are provided homework help and complete guidance to improve their academic grades. The staff encourages the kids to keep a track of their progress and become self-directed learners. Kids aged between 6 and 16 years can enroll in this program.  
  • Skill Tech I: The technology program helps in improving the basic computer skills of kids. The staff helps the kids gain proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets and other productivity software. The program is sponsored by Microsoft to provide engaging lessons and projects for kids of different age groups.  
  • Skill Tech II: The program is designed to teach advanced computer hardware and networking skills of kids aged 6 to 18 years. The staff uses animated and interactive tutorials to impart practical computer knowledge. The club also organizes various instructor- led group activities for kids
  • Goals For Graduation: The staff encourages the kids to set their goals by linking the future aspirations with present actions. The program helps the students identify their short as well as long term goals and work on them accordingly. The staff formulates comprehensive guidance strategy to help the members achieve their highest dreams. This program is sponsored by JCPenney Afterschool Fund for kids aged 6-15 years.  
Enroll your child in tutoring programs offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 - 5808 or visit our club at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541. 

How Kids Benefit From After-School Programs

Apart from the routine activities at school, it is imperative that your child gets involved in an after-school program to fully develop his personality. These can help to hone the hidden talents of your child. Textbooks alone cannot suffice for the practical experience that your child requires to be successful in life. There is a need to move beyond and let your child specialize in something that he loves.

Kids clubs in Texas offer after-school education, art and sports programs. Depending on the interest of your child, you can get him enrolled in any of these activities that can assist him in nurturing his skills further.

Given below are some of the advantages of after-school programs for kids:

  • Improve academic performance: The tutoring services offered at the club can help the child complete his homework and clarify the doubts that he may have about any topic. The staff provides a fun and interactive learning environment to develop children’s interest in studies. This eventually leads to an improvement in the academic performance that gets reflected in the grades of your children.
  • Boost self-esteem: In an after-school program, your child can gain exposure to new things which can expand his areas of interest. Becoming an expert in a new art form or sports activity can boost a child’s self-esteem which is important for his overall personality development. He may even multiply his career opportunities with the myriad choices he gets to explore in an after-school program.
  • A great socialization tool: Another important benefit of after-school programs is that they offer a great opportunity for kids to socialize and make new friends. Children get involved in various sports activities and this helps them in learning the importance of teamwork and co-operation.
  • Decrease emotional and behavioral problems: Interaction with other children of the same age group decreases shyness and aggressive behavior in children. They become emotionally more stable and develop a positive connection with the staff as well as kids at the after-school program. Children also learn to be respectful to others and listen to their advice.
  • Promote physical well-being: Your child will also get a chance to get involved in various physical activities in an after-school program. Football, basketball, swimming and other sports help in keeping the children physically active and building endurance. The staff at many kids clubs also educates the children about healthy habits and provides them with the requisite nutrition guidance as well.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas organizes various outdoor activities for kids aged between 6 and 18 years. To get your child enrolled in any of the programs offered by the club, you can call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.