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Interesting After School Activities For Kids In Texas

Kids are always curious to learn new and interesting things. They have a lot of energy that can be used in a number of constructive activities. Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas organizes various fun-filled and exciting programs for the kids in Texas. The activities offered at the club are suitable for children of all age groups and are intended to explore, nurture and develop the underlying talents within them. The after school programs for kids are educational and entertaining at the same time.

Given below are some of the after-school activities that the parents can consider for their children:

  • Music: The summer music camp organized by the club aims at providing a platform to the kids aged 13-18 years to discover various forms of poetry and music. Right from learning to play different musical instruments, writing music and lyrics, the kids are mentored by renowned poets and artists. Open MIC nights, rusting tent camping and canoe tips are also organized.
  • Fine Arts Programs: This is one of the most loved after school programs for kids. It is a fun activity that encourages artistic expression among them. Children aged between 6-18 years can enroll themselves in creative activities like painting, drawing, mixed media, collage, printmaking and sculpture making.
  • Drama: Theater or drama is an after school activity that interests a majority of children. The activities also cater to children who like to be behind the cameras as they can pick up skills like production, direction and scripting.
  • Sports: Participating in sports is a very healthy physical activity. It helps to keep the children fit and healthy while, at the same time, encourages teamwork and sportsman spirit in them. The club offers various sports league such as tackle football, basketball, swimming and cheerleading for kids of different age groups.
  • Health And Life Skills: These programs are intended to guide and prepare kids to face the challenges of life and make them physically, socially as well as emotionally strong. Right from teaching them oral hygiene, resistance skills and positive conduct, these activities help them develop into responsible citizens of the society.

For more information about the interesting after school activities offered at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, you can call us at (254) 699 – 5808.