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Skills Kids Learn From The Arts

Schools introduce arts from the basic classes to enhance the skills of kids who learn a number of life skills from different arts such as drawing, painting, theater, and music. It is found that arts activities lead to building of kids’ brains. When a kid is involved in an arts activity, the right brain stimulates, which is used in intuition, emotional perception, and creativity. Here are some of the skills that kids learn from arts.


With stage exposure, the kids not only develop their presentation skills, but also gain confidence. Theater is an activity, which helps kids grow confident and take command of the stage. While training, the kids do mistakes and learn from them, thus, it helps them learn new things out of their comfort zone. They learn to interact with the audience and control them.


Arts help children explore their creativity and thus, think out of box. When they paint their imagination or dance, they see life from different angles and think differently, which makes them stand out. They may compose a new poem, write a story, compose a song, and indulge in various other activities that show their creative side. This creativity becomes one of their biggest assets in future.

Problem Solving Skills

Most of the arts activities help kids become problem solvers, as they are constantly exposed to problems. They work through challenges and test possibilities. They make assessments and try to solve the problems by using different techniques. This practice, for sure, enhances the kids’ ability to reason and helps them succeed in life. They learn that there can be many solutions to a problem.

Communication Skills

By painting, drawing, or doing other arts activities, children learn to communicate visually. They use art to express their emotions and feelings when they cannot actually communicate in words. They paint their experiences in colors and share it with the help of other forms of art. Art is much powerful than verbal language and communicates feelings more expressively.

Ability To Focus

Arts work helps in developing one of the major skills that is ability to focus. Arts require focus and concentration and thus, the kids who indulge in art are more focused on different aspects of their work. This applies to other aspects of life.


When kids practice arts, they collaborate with each other and thus, learn to work together, make adjustments with others, and share the responsibility to achieve common goals. They learn that their contribution is valuable for being successful. Contributing in their own way, they achieve satisfaction and confidence. When they understand that their actions affect the performance of the entire team, they learn to be accountable.

Besides these skills, the kids develop many other skills such as fine motor skills, social and emotional skills, etc.

Art Activities For Kids In Texas

Art activities are essential for the overall growth of a child. Like other recreational activities, children should be encouraged to develop an interest in art. Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas organize various art activities for kids of different age groups. As a part of their arts program, the club offers various activities that are aimed at helping the kids discover their creative side.

Some of the art activities organized by Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas include:

  • National Fine Arts Exhibit Program: This program enrolls kids of 6-18 years of age. The program intends to boost the artistic side of the children by way of collage, painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking, sculptures etc. Each year, a panel of judges selects the most unique piece of art which is displayed at all events of Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) for the subsequent year.
  • ImageMakers National Photography Contest: This program is specifically aimed at the photography enthusiasts between the age of 6 and 18 years. In this, the kids are made familiar with different techniques of photography, including digital, black and white, color and alternative process. The members are encouraged to freely showcase their skills and interests. Also, there are various regional level contests held to recognize and commend their creativity.
  • Digital Arts Suite and Festivals: With a view to develop career options for the kids, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas also teach digital arts to the kids. This includes Design Tech (graphic designing), Web Tech (website designing), Music Tech and Photo Tech (photo designing). The kids are also made familiar with editing and filming movies, writing screenplays etc.
  • Summer Music Camp: Kids aged 13-18 years can enroll themselves in this program to learn various musical instruments, writing music and scripting lyrics by professional mentors. The music camp is organized in collaboration with Texas Folk Music Foundation (TFMF).
  • Drama Matters: This program, organized in partnership with TNT DramaMatters Afterschool, is aimed at increasing the awareness of kids about the benefits of drama and theater.

All the programs offered by Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas focus on complete physical, social, emotional as well as psychological development of the kids. For more information about their programs or to enroll your child with the club, feel free to call at (254) 699 – 5808.