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Recreational Activities For Kids At BGCTX

A child is like clay which can be mould in any way. As initial period of life is the most important part, involvement of kids in positive recreational activities is a must. Besides education and learning, you should involve your kids in various indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Such activities ensure healthy growth of the child as they include physical activity and mental involvement. For grown-ups, recreational activities provide with a refreshing break from our routine monotonous life.

We at Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas believe that education means an overall development of a child. It does not just have to be intellectual but also physical development. That is why we often organize various recreational activities for children which includes football, tracks, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading etc. Through these activities the child gets a new kind of exposure which helps him grow in a positive manner.

We have a football league which comprises of children from the age group 7 to 12 years. Kids are chosen for the league on the basis of their weight as per their age. We also have various track activities in which children of the same age and gender compete with each other. At BGCTX we have a basketball and volleyball league too in which children of 7 to 17 years of age are registered. Cheerleading is open for children of age group 7 to 12 years. It is mandatory that all the league members be either a resident of KISD school district or attend there.

The Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas is open year-round for boys and girls of 6-18 years of age.  We provide a variety of grouped and individual recreational, educational and social programs. Check with your local club for exact ages & operating hours. You can contact us at Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas, 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541, phone: 254-699-5808   Ext:102

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Football Coaching For Kids

Football coaching is extremely beneficial for kids as it helps them to builds character, encourages physical activity as well as is a good mental exercise. Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas organizes various football related activities for children of different age groups. Providing football coaching to your child will also teach them important life skills that will help them in their lives.

  1. Develops moral character: While playing football, kids learn to develop their moral character and managing their anger. In addition, children also learn self discipline and team work. They learn to accept defeat and success with grace. They become able to handle their emotions.
  2. Increases concentration power: Football playing requires much concentration power. Even if the kids are distracted for a second, they might lose the game. Thus, football increases the span of concentration.
  3. Promotes physical activity: In the present times, when outdoor games have been replaced by television, video games and internet, playing football can make your child do some physical activity. It is necessary that children spend some time in a physical activity in order to stay healthy and to manage their weight.
  4. Provides a doorway to other careers: When children play football and receive some football college scholarship, they may make themselves accessible to other career prospects after college.
  5. Helps to build friendships: When children play football, they regularly meet new people and develop a comradeship with them. They also learn the importance of tolerance, gratitude and concern for others.
  6. Helps to become well rounded: football players also require visiting different cities. This helps to increase their knowledge and become more aware of the world around them.

Thus, on the whole, football helps the children to be successful in real life. Developing qualities like tolerance, self control, determination and the ability to accept defeat will definitely help them in the long run. Make your child a part of the football league of The Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas to help him develop these qualities. To know about more programs of the club, you can contact Ms Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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Enrich Your Child's Personality At Boys And Girls Club Of Central Texas

Some people are not lucky to be born with a good personality rather they develop it throughout their life span. Individuals tend to put earnest and unfailing efforts in accomplishing their goals, which with the right mindset and approach can be achieved effectively. An individual must be enthusiastic and have a right approach to ensure he is successful in his life. He himself is the sole person accountable for his decision. To be successful you need to have the right mindset and positive attitude. Developing the personality of your child does not only include enhancing the external appearance but rather a constructive change in his behavior, attitude, understanding, character and body language.

For development of your child’s personality enroll him or her with various development programs by Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas. Our unique programs aid your child in getting to know where he lacks. The programs available at Boys and Girls Club Of Central Texas include activities related to improving body language, communication, leadership and teamwork. These are all-inclusive programs that aid your child in developing his overall personality.

For a child to develop into a successful individual he/she needs to have strong personality and a balanced mindset. Various programs at Boys and Girls Club Of Central Texas give them a path where he can groom his personality. The first step in this can be making a chart of the child’s positive and negative traits. The trainer will then work upon the child’s negative traits and will change them to be positive ones.

The club adopts a play-way method of imparting positive attitude, personality and improved life skills. Most of the programs are held in a team while a regular watch and constant monitoring is done to make sure progress is done in the right direction. As each individual child is different, special individual development sessions are aimed at bringing out the best from the kid. All programs run by Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas aims at making better and successful individuals for tomorrow.

To enroll your child in various programs of Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas please contact Ms. Carol Dunn at Phone: 254-699-5808. 

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Encourage Your Child’s Leadership Qualities

In order to encourage the capability of children to guide a team and take its responsibility, it is very important to assign leadership roles to them at a young age. No matter this sort of skill requires little bit of practice and time to develop, but it will also play a major role in helping your child play a better role of a leader. They just need the proper environment where they can feel free to build up this skill.

Assign tasks
Before becoming a leader, one should learn to be a follower. Assign tasks to the children that require them to do something. Start from a simple task and then move on to a complex one. Through the task, try to make them learn qualities of communication and team work.

Allow them to lead an action
Once they have learnt to be a follower, allow them to lead some simple activities like planning a fun activity or game with other kids, teaching younger siblings. Give them those tasks that they can handle easily.

Involve them in planning an event
Practical application of anything is the best way to make a child learn something. Try to make child do some minor things in event planning. For instance, you can ask them to help you plan a birthday party. This way they will enjoy the celebration even more thinking that they have some contribution in arranging it.

Identify the leadership roles suitable for them
Leadership does not imply leading each and every task that comes before you. It can draw out the abilities of the children and can put a burden on them. Identify the specific skills that your children have and nourish them to make your child lead others in those skills.

Encourage participation in groups and clubs
The most important thing to instill leadership qualities in children is to encourage them to join various groups and clubs. Motivate them to display their knowledge and skills to acquire leadership positions.

Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas tends to teach the kids about all the important lessons of life. The kids who are a part of these clubs become independent and grow up as a rational person. To enroll your child in our various programs, contact Ms. Carol Dunn at Phone: 254-699-5808.

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How Children Can Benefit From Team Sports

Team sports can be a very useful activity for children of all age groups. There are many Texas based groups that organize summer camps for boys and girls that pay special attention to the importance of indulging in team based sporting events. In this age of video games, internet and television, it can be quite a tough feat to get your children to participate in outdoor activities. Team sports in summer camps help achieve this to a certain degree. There are a number of benefits that can be derived from participating in such activities some of which have been enumerated below:

  • Children learn to let go off their ego and selfish behavior and develop attitudes of sharing and cooperating with their team members. This in turn helps enhance social skills that can turn out to be quite useful in their work life. Children are taught not to focus on their individual successes alone but to aim for overall success of their entire team even if it means sacrificing their own interests. This makes for well rounded and mature adults.
  • Team sports also help gain a certain ability to focus and concentrate on certain things. This increased attention span also proves to be advantageous for academic activities and can even improve grades in school in the long run. Children learn to channelize their energy into useful pursuits instead of whiling away their time.
  • Team sports are very important for maintaining good health and physique. The obesity epidemic has hit many school going children in different nations and can be a tough problem to tackle. An adequate amount of sports related activities help to lose weight and ensure that your child remains fit and healthy and thus better able to face the pressures of an academic life.
  • These sports help develop specific skills related to a certain game and can even encourage or motivate your child to have a career in sports. It helps bring out the hidden talents of children so that they start to excel at such sports and reach their full potential.

To enroll your child in various Team Sport activities, let them join Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas. To know more or to register your child, please contact Ms. Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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Teaching Problem Solving Skills To Children

It is very common to see children behave aggressively or get angry if they are unable to find solutions to their problems. They get frustrated and tensed when they face any problem situation. When a child lacks the necessary problem solving skills, he generally tries to solve his problems through verbal and physical abuse.

Thus, it is very important that a child should be taught the necessary skills for problem solving at a very early age. The child should be taught the correct way to muddle through the challenges that are brought about by life.

However, it is also very important to understand that the problem solving skills have nothing to do with math problems or some school assignment. Problem solving skills involves teaching the kids the strategies to solve the emotional problems and to learn the priceless lessons that come along the challenges of life. They should be trained in these skills as early in their life as possible.

At a very young age, the children should be taught how to handle different situations. It is a fact that children are extremely prone to temper tantrums. Whenever they find themselves in a tough situation, they get frustrated and start screaming. They have limited self control, so they resort to temper tantrums as an outburst of their anger.

You should make the child know that temper tantrums are not going to help him in any way. Find out the reason behind his behavior. Perhaps he is not able to find a solution to a problem or he doesn’t even know what the problem is. Wait till the child calms down and then talk to him about it. Help him to find possible solutions to it, other than getting frustrated. Make him know about the possible consequences of his actions. Teach your child to calmly think of all possible solutions and its outcomes whenever he faces a problem and then take an action.

At Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas, we focus on the overall development of your child. To enroll your child in our various programs, please contact Ms. Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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Importance Of Play In Early Childhood Development

The character and personality of a child are generally said to be determined by the way he or she is brought up. Children need to be exposed to a variety of different situations for there to be an appropriate amount of mental and psychological development. Apart from a good academic structure, the right amount of play time can also determine the way a child turns out as he or she grows up. Many scientific studies today lay a great deal of emphasis on adequate playtime for children so as to bring out their creative sensibilities and develop their mental faculties.

Playing and engaging in different activities helps build a sense of awareness and understanding of the world around. It also leads to the development of the ability to think for themselves among children. A structured play time that has been planned with a view to expose children to different sets of activities that are specially aimed at development is even more useful. There are many boys and girls clubs in Texas that you can enroll your child in order to enhance their life skills. As they come in contact with other children of their age in such places, it also helps in building emotional stability and social skills.

Indulging in playtime together with other kids of their age helps foster a sense of community and team spirit that can come in as very useful attributes later on in life. Social skills are also polished as children learn the importance of sharing and pitching in to complete certain tasks together. There are certain learning activities that can be camouflaged as play in order to teach children important character traits. Texas based boys and girls clubs employ interactive teachers that bring your kids in contact with learning games that are fun and educational at the same time.

They not only ensure that children have an exciting time and remain occupied but also help in the development of useful life skills. Apart from organized playtime, such clubs also incorporate free and unstructured playtime in their daily schedules so as to bring out the free spirit of the children.

Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas, aims at developing kids to grow up as successful individuals. To make your child a part of our different programs, please contact Ms Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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Benefits Of Career Planning For Your Child

Every parent wants to ensure that their child is successful and happy in life. For most of the people, success and happiness begin with a good career. Thus, it is very important for individual to start planning for his career at an early stage of his life. The students who start planning for their career by exploring the educational and career opportunities in the middle school are found to be more successful. These students set up their career goals in the high school and realize their dreams in the college and universities. During the school time, children should be allowed to explore their interests, identify their career goals as well as hook up those goals to the training and education that they would require in order to fulfill their dreams.

Steps in career planning

  • Self assessment - Identify the interests of your child. Find out what is important to him and what is his aptitude. The career that the child chooses should be linked to his interest, skill, value and talent.
  • Research -Once the child has made out some potential career options, make him learn more about each job. For instance, make him know about the average salary, job description, educational qualification and the skills required for the job. Also try to give them a practical experience through part time jobs and volunteer work.
  • Plan - Once the child has settled on a career option, there is a need to set goals as well as make planning to bring it about. Going for the right high school classes and building a career plan will be of assistance to the child to choose the appropriate course and college.
  • Achieve - Once the child has made his mind about a career option, it is time to work on it. Identify the type of training or education required for his/her desired career. Also, find out the best colleges and universities for the course that is required for that career.

To enroll your child in various career development programs, join Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas. To know more or to register your child, please contact Ms. Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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Build Your Child's Self Esteem At Boys And Girls Clubs Of Central Texas

The best way to ensure a productive vacation for your children is to sign them up for Boys and Girls Clubs in Central Texas. Depending on the program, individual clubs tend to take children of all age groups or may segregate the participants according to their age. You can choose one that is suitable for your child by checkingout various programs available at different locations across Central Texas. Boys and Girls Clubs can be quite beneficial for those who are enrolled in them as they help to improve self confidence and also build up self esteem among children. There are many activities that are planned to achieve this purpose.

Boys and Girls Clubs generally consist of a host of different activities that are not only interesting but also help in the development of essential life skills that may come in handy later on. These activities are designed to help in enhancing self esteem as children learn to actively participate in new things. Their experiences are enriched by a gamut of exciting activities organized by the clubs. Another way in which self esteem is enhanced is by encouraging interaction between children who come from different backgrounds and areas. Children get the unique chance of making new friends belonging to their age group and this in turn helps in the development of vital social skills.

The degree of exposure to the outside world that is afforded through an interaction with different personalities at Boys and Girls Clubs goes a long way in strengthening the confidence levels of a child. Some of the more professionalized camps have a great staff employed to address specific needs of children. If your purpose is to develop the self esteem of your child, you can look for a particular camp that is engaged in this task. Such a camp may have a team of psychologists and mentors to assess the personality of your child and can come up with novel ways of enhancing his/her self esteem. There is a set methodology followed in such camps in order to achieve the desired results and personality changes.

To know more about various programs being run at Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, feel free to call up Ms Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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Boys And Girls Club Of Central Texas Builds Your Child's Character

Vacations can be a fun time in a child’s life and is the perfect time to indulge in different kinds of hobbies and interests. However, for children who choose to remain mostly idle, it can also be a crucial time when they may be led astray especially if they are just entering teenage. Parents can enroll their children for boys and girls clubs that have a marked presence in the state of Texas. The activities and experiences provided by Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas not only help keep monotony and ennui at bay but also aid in strengthening the character of participating children through a gamut of interesting and informative activities.

Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas may be have daytime activity programs or camps that require being away from home for a few days. These clubs help provide a sense of structure routine in children’s lives at a time when they may just be whiling away their time in lazing around. It is essential to keep children preoccupied so that they do not take part in frivolous or useless activities. Childhood is an age of development in which the mind needs to be fed new ideas and taught knowledge building skills that can be helpful throughout life. Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas are aimed at achieving this very purpose.

The Club exposes children to nature by organizing adventure walks along nature trails. These not only help get in touch with the outdoors but also help in keeping physically fit. This kind of exposure is essential in an age when there is a sense of lack of imagination in a generation engaged in video games and gorging on junk food. Such camps help children develop creativity and inventiveness that are important attributes for all round development.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits that are provided by Boys and Girls Clubs, children enrolled here can also develop value systems that help make them great human beings. This is essential in a society that is becoming more and more materialistic with deteriorating values. All these elements help in building character among children. For more information on various programs run by Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, feel free to call up Ms Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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