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Life Skills Education For Children

Teaching life skills to children with a view to strengthen their independence as well as build confidence is a very important part of childhood development. These life skills help children to be successful in all the spheres of life, be it personal, financial or various relationships that they come across. These life skills prepare children to be fully functioning individuals in the real and practical world.

The Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas focuses on many aspects of the life skills. These are:

Developing Hygiene
Children at Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas are taught the importance of hygiene and are made to develop habit of washing hands after using bathroom or before every meal. They are also taught importance of other personal hygiene activities like brushing teeth and taking bath daily.

Money Management
Most of the kids have no idea about the importance of money in their lives. It is very necessary to make them understand the difference between luxury and requirement. They should be encouraged to save money for their demands. This is how they will learn the importance of money in life. Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas help kids to understand importance of money management

Time Management
Children should also learn the importance of time management in their lives. They have to understand that they should be in time for their appointments, school, extracurricular activities homework and social activities.

Stress Management
Every person experiences stress but one should know how to deal with it effectively. Effective stress management involves being patient, thinking positively and finding solutions. Bad stress management involves being destructive, impatient and throwing temper tantrums. Teaching stress management to children early in their life helps them to cope well with the problems of life.

Strengthening Values
Basic values should be inculcated in the child since the very beginning. He should be able to make sensible decisions to avoid various situations of stealing, lying, cheating etc.

Protecting Themselves
Children are very friendly and trust easily on others and this often results in dangerous situations. Talking to children about what to do when such things happen can help them to tackle the situation. Role playing of such situations can also facilitate the learning by the children. 

Handling Emergencies
Children should be made aware of the skills to handle an emergency. Tell them to escape from the house or dial 911 if there is a fire or any other mishap. Such basic emergency handling skills are taught to children at Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas.

At Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas, we focus on the overall development of your child. To make your child a part of our different programs, please contact Ms Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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How Boys And Girls Clubs Of Central Texas Benefits Kids In Their Growth

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas are quite popular in and around Central Texas. Here children can be enrolled for a specified period of time. Almost all locations of club conduct special activities around the summer season when most children are on a long break from school. Boys and Girls Clubs are deemed as the perfect way to spend the free time because of the immense potential of growth and development that they offer. Some of the benefits of joining such a club have been enumerated below:

  • When faced with an endless summer vacation, most people take to watching television like never before and end up wasting a lot of their time. On the other hand, if they join a Boys and Girls Club, they will be getting a chance to put their energy and time to a productive use as they are made to participate in a variety of different activities that may come in handy later on in life.
  • If you enroll your children to such a club, you can rest easy about the fact that your children will not be wasting away their youth by indulging in harmful activities like drug use and unprotected sex. When left to their own devices, adolescents and teenagers can fall into bad habits and harmful addictions that may become difficult to shake off. Being a part of such clubs discourages such pursuits and encourages them to make something of their lives instead of idling their time away.
  • Lots of educational institutions of higher learning give a lot of consideration to boys and girls who have well rounded personalities and have been part of such social clubs.
  • By being a part of Boys and Girls Clubs, children develop a number of useful and beneficial personality traits that can make them better persons and more capable of being successful in life. Some of these behavioral traits that are instilled in them include independence, team work, cooperation, social responsibility, etc.

To join a program at Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, please contact Ms Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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Music Camps Helps in Making Better Individuals

As we all know, music can change a person’s mood and can impart positivity; it is a proven fact that music has a significant influence on the brain development of young children. For children, musical training can not only have positive impact on their personality but they also can also explore music as career option for later part of life. They can know what is required to learn music and if music is something that they really want to make as career. It is also very well known fact that kids who have undergone musical training perform better in memory tests and are high achievers in skills like literacy, intelligence, mathematics and verbal memory.

Children who are trained in music are bound to be disciplined and creative. Musical training not only instills creativity but also relieves kids from stress and other psychological problems. They are known to be conductive in harmonious well being especially towards latter in life.

The Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas is a great place for children to not only learn but also develop their talents in the field of music. The club comes up with various programs to teach young individuals about various aspects of music. Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas have programs that aim to teach children almost all forms of music. The club’s programs include learning various musical instruments, writing lyrics/ poetry and composing music. The Music camps at Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas aims at making kids well versed with all aspects of music. They can be familiar with various components of musical creation and can even decide if they want to take it as a career path for future. All programs are mentored by professional artists and poets.

The music camps not only instill artistic abilities in children, but also modify kid’s lifestyle for better. Music camps also help in breaking monotony and refreshing child’s mind.

We are coming up with Music Camps for Teens from June 17 to June 21, 2011. Make your child a part of Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas today. To know more about various programs being run at Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas, you can contact Ms. Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808

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Building Strong Character At Boys And Girls Clubs

When you walk through the doors of the Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, you will most probably hear a great deal of laughter. At these clubs, you will often witness young children building friendly relationships, doing homework, working on projects, participating in activities and sharing their ideas and aspirations with the staff and volunteers. Largely, it appears like a lot of fun. And it really is. What many people do not see is the intentional counseling and instruction that is part of each interaction, each game, each program and each activity - each day.
Our club unlike the other clubs around the World makes use of the following formula to positively bear upon the lives of young people in the communities:

The Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas start with "the Kids Who Need Us The Most".

And Then We Render…

  • A Safe and sound and Positive Environment.
  • Caring Adult Professionals to Steer and Mentor.
  • Daily Setting to build up Regular Attendance, and.
  • Targeted Curriculums With Established Outcomes.

To The Young Adults Who...

  • Practice Salubrious Behaviors & Lifestyles.
  • Accomplish Academic Success, and.
  • Show Good Morals and Strong Character.

At Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, you will find:

Secure and Positive Environment:

Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas create a positive environment for the young people where they are physically, socially and emotionally secure. These Clubs are meant to be inviting, well-lit and appealing to the young people. Streamlined programs and activities are carried on daily in big groups, small groups, and also one on one.

Caring Adult Professionals:

Youth development experts at these clubs receive hours of training and ongoing professional development each year. These experts take good care of all the kids who are a part of these clubs.

Regular Attendance:

The Clubs charge a quite nominal fee per year to make sure that no child is turned away. Clubs are open every day after school so the kids can rely on us to be there when they require us most.

The youngsters who attend the Boys & Girls Club Of Central Texas on a regular basis are most likely to have the greatest life-changing impact.

Join today our prestigious Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas. Contact Ms Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808 to know more and to register.   

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Advantages Of Team Sports At Boys And Girls Clubs Of Central Texas

Organized youth team sports assists the young people to build qualities like leadership, team work, and life skills while developing self esteem. These skills acquired at a young age go along with an individual throughout his life. 

Today's young generation is struggling with the worst obesity epidemic in history. Rendering kids an excuse to workout is a good reason enough to consider enrolling them in outdoor team sports. Not only this, team sports yield various other benefits to kids on a social, emotional, and physical level.

Below are a few things that team sports teach and the things that go well beyond batting, scoring, shooting, and succeeding:

Ego Checks: A parent knows that his/her child can be really egoistic. But that "my way" attitude tends to go away when one becomes a part of team sport. When a kid realizes that everyone gets to play, they start to think of the group as a whole, and not merely himself. 

Positive Mentors: A devoted, heedful, and proficient coach can have astonishing influence on the children. As a matter of fact, often your child will react better to an objective coach than they will to their own father or mother. 

The Three P’s: Just as they need to practice spelling, solve mathematical problems, and any other skills, kids require to learn that being a part of sport teams necessitates the three P's practice, persistence and patience. 

Extending organized team sports such as basketball, volleyball, and football etc, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas serves many boys and girls of the age 6 to 18 years. 

At Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas, team sports activities are headed by a full time athletic director who supervises all the aspects of the team sports program comprising of registration, team building, extensive training, and cheer-leading etc. The athletic director guarantees a top notch team sports program rendering all interested youth an opportunity to take part, have adequate playing time in practice and games, and the chance to be familiar with basic fundamental sport skills and improve them. The life-long advantages comprise of bettered health, strength, tractability, and self confidence.

To be a part of Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, contact Ms. Carol Dunn at Phone: 254-699-5808.

Life Skills Coaching To Entirely Change Your Kid's Lifestyle!

Essentially, that Life Skills Coaching is all about making change and assisting the young children to develop personally. Life Skills Coaching at Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas can assist young children construct a solid personal foundation, observe their values and attain personal success to turn into a better individual! 

Life skills coaching at Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas concentrates on the four basic pillars i.e. child's health, his/her education, the relationships, and the level of self-care or spiritualism. 

Children frequently confront hurdles they fail to tackle by themselves. We discover those hurdles and help the children to get rid of or defeat such troubles. We commence by being holistic, so that personal life coaching can comfortably turn into the wellness coaching.

The kids who come to Boys And Girls Clubs Of Central Texas for career coaching may additionally require, a refresher course for aligning their lives' core goals and values with their way of living, or to some level of answerability toward bettering their health and fitness. 

The reward that they will yield from this is that they will understand how to approach a life trouble from a critical thinking perspective and then be ready to do this for themselves with the future issues. Everything that Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas discuss and cover will function as a framework and point of reference for the child to win experience and his/her individual wisdom. 

At Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, life skills coaching is mainly focused to:

  • Keep track of the children's behavior. 
  • Assist them make the correct choices. 
  • Acknowledging the wrong choices. 
  • Regain control of their life. 
  • Set logical goals for them. 

How does this work? 

Enroll in our specialized coaching program to obtain intensive, consecrated coaching on the finite area of personal growth and life betterment you choose. You will learn worthful life skills in the comfort of your own home. We cater to all the requirements of the children and help them in all possible ways we can. We are based in Killeen, TX and can be contacted at Phone: 254-699-5808.

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Various Kids Activities In Texas

Kids are certainly power-packs and they need a positive and full-filled atmosphere to release their energy. They want to utilize every moment of their life doing something or the other. It is a tough time for the parents when the holidays of their kids commence. Children don’t like getting bored and so the parents try to find out various kids activities in Texas. 

Watching the television or playing some video games don’t do any good to the children. It only spoils their eyesight and makes them a couch potato. This also contributes to the destructive behavior in the kids and makes them gain weight. 

The best way to spend your holiday is to involve yourself in some sort of recreational clubs. Getting your kids on their feet would help them to become independent, confident and active. Children who like adventure can join recreational clubs like Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas that support many adventurous activities. The kids who have an urge to learn something during their holidays can join learning courses or personality development programs at Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas 

Parents who do not have time to take their kids due to their busy schedule need not be disheartened as they can make their kid join these clubs. Such clubs offer many programs that are of interest to all the kids. Kids do not feel bored here and instead, learn many new things and explore variety of opportunities. These clubs tend to improve the overall personality of the children and make them an all-rounder. They are a safe place to grow and learn. They instill in the kids, a feeling of usefulness, power, competence, and belonging. So, now you have got various wonderful ideas for kid’s activities in Texas. 

Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas is open all year round for boys and girls of the ages 6 to 18 years of age. These clubs aim to organize many recreational activities for the kids that help them to grow and learn. 

To be a part of these clubs, Please contact Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541. Our telephone number is: 254-699-5808.

Boys and Girls Club, Texas Aims To Create Better Individual

In small towns and cities across Texas, the youth are fighting to make a bright future. Hatred, drug abuse, low fitness levels and eminent dropout rates are marring our children’s power to excel. Crime, drugs and alcohol usage are amongst the gravest problems involving Texas's young generation.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas renders all the people with guidance-oriented character development programs carried on by trained, and professional staff. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas positively affect lives that assist young people attain their total potential as productive and caring natives.

Each day the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas motivate its members. Whether boosting young people to complete their home task, play sports or involve in recreational activities, enter in an art contest or ingest a healthy snack, the Club staff recognizes the integral role they play in making the wholesome environment that the kids require.

It creates a worthwhile influence on young lives by establishing self esteem and promoting the evolution of values and accomplishments during vital periods of childhood growth. We tend to make a difference in a child's life by making role models through staff members, volunteers and eminent celebrity figures.

Assisting youth turn into responsible, loving citizens and learn skills for taking part in the democratic process is the main purpose of the programs targeting character development. They also evolve leadership qualities; render opportunities for planning, aid in decision-making, and celebrating our national heritage.

Curriculums in this discipline authorize youth to support and influence their Club and also the community. The programs in the club promote meaningful relationships with other individuals, evolve a positive self-image, encourage individuals to take part in the democratic process and honor their own and other’s ethnic identities.

We endeavor to provide every child in our state, an opportunity for a brighter and happier future. The Club alters lives by caring for every child. This wrap-around approach yields youth the tools that they require to transform into responsible and independent adults.

For detailed information on various activities at Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas, you can contact Ms Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) on 254-699-5808.

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Boys and Girls Clubs Texas

Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas are your very own local clubs catering to youth of age 6 to 18 years. Here variety of activities like personality/ character building, leadership programs, sports, health and fitness programs are planned for groups. The aim of the organization is to impart positive attitude and groom young individuals to make sure they have a successful and healthy future.  Besides running regular programs for youth, Boys and Girls Clubs take part in various events organized from time to time. Membership to the club is opened year round with a membership cost of $20 per year.

Programs Run By Boys and Girls Club Of Central Texas

There are varieties of program that are run at different locations. The programs are aimed at Character and Leadership building, Education and Learning activities, Improving Health and Life skills, Learning various Arts like photography and music, Sports and Recreational activities. The aim of activities is to get individuals together and to channelize their energies toward activities imparting positive approach and knowledge. At Boys and Girls Clubs we have something for everybody.

Club Locations

Boys and Girls Clubs are located across major cities in Central Texas. Woody Hall unit, Natatorium unit, Clements Teen Center and Bigham Unit are located in Killeen. Copperas Cove Unit of Boys & Girls Club and Exchange Noon Learning Center are located in Copperas Cove. Besides these, Boys and Girls Club units are located in Gatesville, Lampasas and Georgetown (Stonehaven unit).  All locations are safe and secure for kids and are managed by professionals giving special attention to the members.

For more information on various activities and memberships at Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas, you can contact Ms Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) on 254-699-5808.

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