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Computer Skills Program At Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas

Computers have become an important part of our lives in the present time. Right from our home, school or workplace, they play a critical role in helping us perform all our tasks easily and quickly. Thus, it is very important that kids must be made aware of its basic functionality and how to use it in a productive way.They should be exposed to this technology at an early age so that they are fully prepared to cope with the digital world.

Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas offers various computer skills programs for the kids of different age groups. With an aim of improving their educational as well as practical knowledge, the club arranges classes for the children to know about the working of computer and its components. The programs offered at the club include:

  • Skill Tech: This program involves teaching basic computer skills to the children. It aims at increasing their efficiency in creating spreadsheets, word processing as well as a lot of other constructive software. The club organizes various practical and interactive classes for the kids to learn this new skill in a fun manner. The ‘Skill Tech’ program is sponsored by the Microsoft Corporation and developed under the Club Tech initiative by BGCA.
  • Skill Tech II: This program is intended to impart practical and advanced computer skills to the kids aged 6 to 18 years. The instructors use different course related interactive, animated tutorials and group activities to impart the skills to the club members. They are also made familiar with the computer hardware, software, networking components and technology related career opportunities. This program is also developed through Club Tech initiative of BGCA and funded by Microsoft Corporation.

Given here are some of the benefits of enrolling your child in the computer skills program at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas:

  • Boosts academic growth: A good knowledge of computers opens many career opportunities for the kids.
  • Promotes creative expression: Various designing, music, animation and other software’s can help the children to bring out their creativity.
  • Provides better learning opportunities: Computers provide for a wonderful source of learning for the kids. 
  • Develops motor skills: Certain computer activities also help the kids to develop their motor skills. They can also improve their hand eye coordination by playing certain games that involve the use of both mouse and keyboard.

For more details about our computer skills program, you can call at (254) 699 – 5808.