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Skills Mastery And Resistance Training Program At Boys & Girls Club Central Texas

The Boys & Girls Club - Texas is a nonprofit organization providing after-school child care programs and activities for kids aged 6-18 years. The Skills Mastery & Resistance Training Program is one of our most popular programs, which is specifically designed with an aim of safeguarding teenagers from anti-social activities. Also known as The SMART Moves, it is a prevention program that aims at educating kids regarding the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse. It also promotes abstinence in youngsters by discouraging them from indulging in premarital sexual activity.

This program has been effective in encouraging children to channelize their energy in a positive direction, and exercise the power of saying “no”. Ever since the inception of our club, thousands of kids have participated in this program, and benefitted from its teachings. We adopt practical and engaging techniques to ensure that the kids take home with them the message that underlies this program. The children are also encouraged to develop a positive and trusting relationship with their mentors, thus giving them a platform to address their doubts and ask for guidance when they need it.

The efficiency of the Skills Mastery And Resistance Training Program can be attributed to its unique “group” approach, whereby club staff, peer leaders, parents, and community representatives are involved. While the club staff is professionally trained on how to impart these skills to children, the involvement of peer leaders gives kids the confidence of being able to openly participate in all discussions and activities. We also strongly encourage the parents to be a part of the program, as this goes a long way in breaking the barrier of communication between the kids and their parents. This is an invaluable learning for the children, as they find a confidant in their own home.

The program is not just limited to stressing on a “say no” approach, but instead adopts multiple techniques to make the children understand why saying “no” is the better choice. These techniques include active discussions, role-playing activities, media analysis, and a strong emphasis on peer influence. In addition, the program incorporates a variety of activities which aim at developing assertiveness and decision making skills in kids, as well as practicing resistance and refusal skills. The program is divided into various components, which include SMART Kids, for ages 6-9; Start SMART, for ages 10-12; Stay SMART, for ages 13-15; and SMART Leaders, a peer leader/booster program for older teens.

Cavity-Free Zone At Boys And Girls Club Texas

The adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" could not be more apt when it comes to oral health. We, at Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas, understand the importance of oral hygiene and have been making a considerable progress in organizing health programs like cavity-free-zone to ensure that all the kids in Texas are aware of good dental health. The cavity-free-zone program offered by our kids club features fun and engaging sessions to help kids understand and prevent the devastating effects of bad oral hygiene.

Speaking of, here’s a list of few negative effects of bad oral hygiene:

  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Loss of teeth
  • Infections in the gums
  • Diabetic complications
  • Asthmatic problems
  • Ear infections
  • Behavioral difficulties
  • Bad breath
  • Leukemia
  • Oral cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease

In order to maintain a good oral health of your kids and avoid the aforementioned medical problem, you must follow the following steps:

  • Regular dental checkups: You might think your kids’ teeth are healthy, but taking them to the dentist regularly for a thorough dental checkup is the only way to be sure. It is important that your kids have time-to-time comprehensive dental exams to detect as well as predict the problems that can affect their oral health.
  • Start young: Make sure you take your child to a pediatric dentist as soon as the first tooth comes in. Starting young with dental checkups not only help kids overcome the fear of dentists but also aid them in evaluating the health of their gums and teeth.
  • Brushing and Flossing: It is very important that kids brush and floss their teeth twice a day. In addition, make sure they follow the proper technique for brushing. The careful selection of toothpaste and toothbrush is also essential.
  • Eat healthy: Many of you might not be aware of the fact that your diet can also affect your oral health. To maintain the oral health of your kids you must expose them to calcium rich products such as milk, cheese, broccoli, yogurt etc. It is also important for them to cut down on sweets, chocolates and cold drink. Not only do these products increase the risk of dental problems, but also result in other health complications.

To enroll your kids into the cavity-free-zone programs organized at our kids club, visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541. You can also call us at 254-699-5808.

Why Is Cheerleading A Good Activity For Kids

Agree or not, years seem to strike at warp speed when you have kids at home. 7 month olds become 7 year olds in a blink of an eye, and thus begins the real challenge. Video gaming and other technology driven activities become their norm, making it a dare for parents to intensify their interest in physical activities. Then again, another challenge for parents comes up while deciding the appropriate activity for their kids to participate in.

We, at Boys and Girls Club Texas understand the essence of decision-making and provide you with a range of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from. Some of the sport activities offered by us include youth football, cheerleading and youth basketball. However, when it comes to group activities there is something about cheerleading which never seems to grow old.

So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with this sport and find out what makes it a popular kids’ activity in Texas:

  • Physical exercise: Many of you are not aware of the fact that cheerleading is one of the most popular forms of physical exercises as it requires kids to perform dancing, stretching, stomp and various other gymnastic stunts. All these cheerleading routines and workouts not only help children build stronger muscles and bones but also help them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Coordination:  Cheerleading is a sport which requires an equal participation of mind and body. In order to complement the steps, the mind and body of a cheerleader need to be constantly tuned with other teammates’. This form of mental and physical exercise helps them improve their body movement and encourage body and mind coordination.
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem:  Involving kids in cheerleading programs is an effective way to build their confidence and self-esteem. As they become more contented in their own skin, their confidence and self-esteem get improved.
  • Teamwork: The most obvious advantage associated with this sport is that children learn the value of teamwork which in turn fosters good relation among them. Furthermore, it also teaches cheerleaders the importance of sportsmanship and trust.

Our Boys and Girls Club Texas organizes cheerleading programs for youth between 7 – 12 years. For more information, kindly visit us at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541. You can also call us 254-699-5808.

Kids Activities At Boys And Girls Club Texas

The Boys And Girls Club of Central Texas is a kids and youth center dedicated to providing high-quality child care and enriching activities centered towards the overall development of its members. We have been serving the Central Texas area for over a decade, and have gained a reputation as one of the premier youth centers in the region, organizing year-round creative and innovative activities, catering to the diverse interests and age groups of our club members.

Along with a wide range of kids activities and child care programs, we also provide several sports events for kids up to 18 years of age, including football, basketball, and track. Here is an overview of the kids activities organized at our club:

  • Character and leadership activities such as Youth of the Year, Torch Clubs, Keystone Clubs, and Goals for Growth. These activities encourage kids to contribute to their communities and families, and focus on building the moral character, life goals, and public poise and presentation.
  • Education and career programs, which include Project Learn, Goals for Graduation, Power Hour, CareerLaunch, Junior Staff Career Development, Skill Tech, Skill Tech II, and Money Matters: Make It Count. The key focus of these programs is to encourage the kids to spend their non-school hours in fun, yet academically-beneficial activities. Children are taught academic goal-setting skills, provided with after-school tutoring, and assisted in making the right educational decisions.
  • Health and Life Skills activities, including Cavity-Free Zone, SMART Moves, SMART Girls, SMART Leaders, Passport To Manhood, and Healthy Habits. These programs aim at making the kids ready for life, by building their physical, mental, and emotional strength.
  • The Arts Program, which comprises of activities like the National Fine Arts Exhibit Program, ImageMakers National Photography Contest, Summer Music Camp for Teens, and Digital Arts Suite and Festivals. These activities are ideal for children with an artistic streak, and help to nurture the talent of these gifted kids, giving them the right platform to explore their potential.
  • Sports Fitness and Recreations program, in which kids can participate in various sports activities such as the Youth Football League, Youth Basketball League, and Cheerleading. We take pride in our organized sports leagues and aim at giving kids the right environment to build their expertise in a sport of their interest.

To learn more about any of the above activities, or to register your child as a member of Boys And Girls Club of Central Texas, contact us today at 254-699-5808, Ext: 102.

Teen Depression: A Guide For Parents

Feeling irritable and blue every now then comes natural to kids, especially during the tough teen years. However, if the feelings become persistent and too intense to turn off, it may be the depression they are suffering from. Teenage depression is a serious medical condition that disrupts every facet of kid’s life and may predispose them to everlasting negative consequences.
Some of the symptoms that justify the prevalence of depression in kids are:

  • Drop  in the performance at school
  • Frequent sadness, tearfulness and crying
  • Declined interest in activities
  • Low energy
  • Persistent Boredom
  • Insomnia
  • Self-loathing
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Difficulty with relationships
  • Poor concentration
  • Engagement in risk-taking behavior

As a concerned parent, there are many ways you can help your kids fight depression and get back on track. Below are a few tips you can follow:

  • Keeping up with activities: It is medically proven that teenagers who spend more time in different kind of activities are less prone to feeling depressed. You must encourage your kids to participate in school as well as after-school activities. There are many indoor and outdoor activities for kids like sports, fine arts, drama, music, etc. that help kids boost the positivity and relieve the stress. 
  • Talk about the problem: If you think there is something bothering your teenagers then feel free to ask them about it. Sometimes, all it requires is a nice cup of hot cocoa and a sit down. Let your child start the conversation. Make sure you carefully listen what he/she has to say. If your child is more of an introvert, you may initiate the conversation by talking about something funny that recently happened to you.
  • Organize fun family nights: Sometime, sharing a meal together is just not enough. Try to save the weekends for family. No matter how busy you are, call it a day, go home and spend quality time with your kids. Don’t forget to pick up their favorite snacks on your way home. Spend the night looking through old family albums or watching their childhood tapes. This would not only help kids get over loneliness and depression but will also result in stronger family bonds.

We, at Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas offer various sports and arts programs for kids between 6-18 years of age. To enroll your kids in any of our programs kindly visit us at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541 or call 254-699-5808.

Benefits Of Playing Youth Football

No wonder, Football is considered as one of the most popular sports activities in America specially among youth. Many people in Texas are taking steps in making their kids join youth football programs for two apparent reasons- one, for the sake of their kid's interest in the game and two because of the health and other benefits associated with it. Speaking of which, let's find out what the benefits of playing youth football are-

  • Coordination: Football is a sport in which there's no room for “I”. It is a “we” sport in which each player from goalkeeper to mid fielder, striker to defender, has his own importance and role. While playing football, players get to know their teammates, learn to help each other and work in unity to achieve the common goal. The sense of coordination learned while playing football does not only help them in the football ground but also in the long run.
  • Fitness: Performing exercises is a great way to keep your body fit and fine and there is no better way to do that than indulging yourself in some kind of sport activity. The game of Football requires the player to stay active and run a lot, this help player to get a good cardiovascular workout. Even the football training involves a lot of running, walking, sprinting and jumping that help kids remain fit in and out of the field.
  • Character: Discipline is one of those things that every parent wants his/her child to learn. Although football ranks on top in the category of aggressive and contact sports, it does make kids learn discipline in a way. Getting into a conflict is a common thing, even for elders, but resolving a conflict demands real patience and discipline, which are not so common. Good news is that football teaches both these important qualities to the players.
  • Sociality: Agree or not, we are somewhere losing our social skills. Even the kids today prefer to watch TV, surf Internet or play video games than interacting with each other. Participating in youth football games make kids interact with other teammates, developing and maintaining social bonds that last for lifetime.
  • Confidence: One of the things that kids learn from youth football is confidence. 90 precious minutes spent in the field teach them how to keep calm and be confident. This positive outlook surely does help them in facing difficult situations in every stage of life.

To get your child enrolled in Youth Football program at Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas, kindly visit us at 304 W Ave B, TX- 76541 or call Ms. Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) at 254-699-5808, Ext: 102.

Sports Programs At Boys & Girls Club Texas

With technology overtaking every aspect of kids’ lives, it is imperative they do not become a couch potato and instead get involved in a physical activity. Sports programs are a great way to get your kid engaged in a fitness activity. This will help him become active and also prove to be beneficial for his health.

At Boys & Girls Club Texas, we organize numerous sports activities for kids and your children will surely want to be a part of them. We are very proud of our Organized Sports Leagues that have contributed towards the overall personality development of so many children. Our sports fitness and recreation program includes activities such as: Youth Football, Youth Basketball and Cheerleading apart from hordes of other activities.

Following are the details of the various sports activities offered by our Boys & Girls Club Texas. These programs have been specially developed for the youth aged between 7-12 years. We determine the age group of a particular child by checking his age as on September 1, 2004. Read on…

  • Tackle Football League: At present, we are offering three leagues in this program. The details of these leagues are as follows:
  1. The NCAA League:  This is available for boys aged between 7-8 years who weigh 60-100 lbs and 9 year olds weighing between 60-74 lbs.
  2. The AFC League: This is available for 9 year old boys weighing between 75-120 lbs, 10 year olds with weight between 70-110 lbs and 11 year old boys between 75-89 lbs.
  3. The NFC League: This league is open for boys aged between 11-12 years and weighing 90-140 lbs as well as 10 year olds who weigh 111-140 lbs.
  4. We also organize Youth Football for boys up to the age of 12 years.
  • Youth Basketball League: There are three leagues in this category: 2nd grade, 3/4 grade and 5/6 grade. There are age restrictions in each category. Do go through our website to know the membership details or you can call on our given number and get all the requisite information. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries and clear your doubts.
  • Cheerleading: This is one activity that incorporates fun and learning together. This activity is designed for kids aged between 7-12 years. It is one of our most popular programs and kids thoroughly enjoy participating in it. All the games organized by our club are played at the Trimmer Road Athletic Facility.

Youth Football In Texas

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas is the perfect place to hone and nurture the talent of youth. These clubs help in channelizing the energy of kids into something useful. Football events are one such initiative of these kids clubs that not only keep the kids physically fit but also develop a competitive spirit in them. Kids from different age groups are divided into various categories and then football matches are organized.

Read on to know more about the increasing popularity of football among the youth in Texas along with its benefits.

  • Football is a great sport that helps to maintain a healthy heart and also contributes towards overall fitness. It also improves and maintains the athletic capacity among the youth.
  • Another health benefit of playing football is that it burns a huge amount of body fat apart from improving the muscle tone.
  • When kids play football, the flexibility in their bodies increases up to a great extent. Their muscles also strengthen a lot and they develop a high level of  endurance which is very beneficial.
  • This sport involves a mixture of different physical activities such as walking, running as well as sprinting. Therefore, getting involved in football brings a very  positive effect on the overall well-being of the body.
  • Since the sport involves working in a team, the players learn team work and imbibe co-ordination skills as well.
  • When the youth takes part in football, there is also an increase in the concentration power. Also, they develop a sense of self-discipline which comes in very handy as far as other aspects of life are concerned.

As it can be seen, football offers a lot of physical, mental and social benefits. Therefore, you too must get your child enrolled at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas and  encourage him to take part in the game of football.

But make sure that you do not force your children and let them develop a liking for the sport at their own pace. This way they will be able to enjoy the sport and also do a great service to their body. It will prove to be a great way of utilising their spare time.

How To Deal With Disrespectful Kids

There might be various reasons behind your child’s offensive behavior. He might have felt ignored or would have thought that you are biased towards him. Whatever the reason may be, you must rectify your child’s untoward behavior at the earliest.
Read on to know how you can deal with disrespectful kids.

  • Always remember that you have to be patient because if you use abusive language to counter your child’s bad behavior, he might learn calling names too. Therefore, stay calm and do not get back at him. 
  • Make sure that you sit with your child and explain to him how his behavior is hurting you. You can also tell him that you will not answer or respond to any of his questions unless he speaks in a toned down voice. This can improve his behavior over a period of time. He will gradually learn to respond in a more responsible and well-mannered way. You can also take tips regarding this from a child care provider in Texas.
  • If your child behaves rudely during a public gathering, do not scold him publicly. Instead, take him aside and explain how his behavior has made the situation embarrassing. If the child still continues with his bad behavior, let him know the consequences. Also, you can tell him that he will have to leave the party if he does not show any improvement in his rude behavior.
  • Make your child accomplish what you have planned for him. For instance, if you want him to make his room tidy, explain that even if he does not desire to do this task, he will still have to do it.
  • Listening to your child is a very important aspect towards improving his disrespectful behavior. If your child does not listen to you and answers back, ask him the reason behind doing so. He might share with you why he is upset or not willing to work. If you are fair to your child, he will definitely co-operate and listen to whatever task you tell him to do.

The above pointers will definitely prove to be helpful when you are dealing with your child who behaves rudely. If your child has joined any after-school kids club in Texas, make sure that he is involved in kids’ activities that will teach him the importance of good and polite behavior. This will be very beneficial in the longer run.

How To Develop The Reading Habit In Children

Children can imbibe every habit from their surroundings effortlessly. Therefore, it is important to inculcate the habit of reading in them right from the start, so that they can carry it with them for a lifetime. If your child is engaged in some kids club or group, then you must make sure that he is learning to read there as well.

At home, you can do a lot of things that will help in developing reading habit in your children. Read on to know…

  • Read aloud to your children different books that they are interested in. They will not only listen carefully to what you are speaking, but will also try to take interest in reading from the book.
  • Limit television viewing to bare minimum so that your children get more inclined towards reading rather than sitting in front of the TV whole day. Involve them in various Kids Activities while giving importance to reading and they will surely get attracted towards it.
  • Take along your kids for a visit to a museum, a park or even a zoo etc. When they will acquire more and more knowledge about different things, it will make them wonderful readers as well.
  • Communication is one of the most important aspects in a child-parent relationship. Make sure you have a hearty conversation with your child on any topic. It could be something as trivial as his favorite pet or best friend. Talking a lot will increase his vocabulary and also churn his thinking wheels. This inquisitiveness will make him a pro at reading.
  • Ask questions to your children wherein they can describe things completely on their own. Even if they are saying a wrong sentence, do not interrupt. When children narrate incidents they learn to create meanings and this is an imperative aspect of understanding what they read.
  • Whatever you do, your children are bound to follow your actions. This is the same when it comes to reading. You must read in front of your children so that they can actually see you enjoying this activity. This way they will consider reading as a fun activity and start doing the same on their own.
  • Whenever you read out stories to your children, make sure you discuss it with them later on. Ask them to identify letters and words while explaining their meaning. Exchange your views and have a healthy discussion.
  • Teaching your child how to properly handle the books is as important as teaching them how to read. Make your child sit with you and make him turn the pages of the book that you are reading. This will make him handle the books carefully with lots of love.

We at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas organize year-round kids activities and a variety of grouped and individual recreational, educational and social programs for kids. You can contact us at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541 or call us at 254-699-5808 Ext: 102.