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Activities To Develop Speech And Language Skills In Kids

Early childhood years are crucial as the brain develops quickly and children are more open to learning. They are more receptive and easily imitate everything that they experience. As children are interactive in nature and depending upon their speech abilities they try to express themselves in different ways such as gestures, sounds, words and sentences.

Children who have poor speech development usually suffer from delayed learning in life. Therefore, it is essential to develop their speech and language skills. Kids clubs play a crucial role in enhancing these skills, as children interact with many other children of different ages.  The instructors at the clubs have experience of dealing with children with varied speech development levels. The clubs offer an array of language-based activities that help the kids expand their vocabulary, improve speech and understand communication. Some of the activities organized at kids club include:

  • Role-playing: It is an activity used to help children develop communication skills. During role-plays, the children are given imaginative situations where they get into character and act out a role. Role Play is a social activity that helps children develop communication skills as well as the knowledge of a topic. Role-play sparks brainstorming sessions and helps children see situations from different perspectives. Besides developing communication skills and language abilities, role-playing helps children explore, investigate and experiment. The instructors dramatize the situations and add costumes to make the activity more interesting and entertaining.
  • Interactive and Loud Reading: Books are one of the best tools that kid’s club use to improve language skills of the children. The instructors read the stories to the children on regular basis to introduce new vocabulary. Asking questions while reading and encouraging the kids to ask questions also helps. The instructors encourage children to provide a climax to the story and read aloud, as it builds fluency and confidence.
  • Ask Questions: Certain games that involve questioning help children acquire good communication skills. By showing an object and asking related questions, such as what that object is, what it does, etc., can encourage the children to talk and express themselves. The questions prompt the children to talk, participate and put forward their opinions.

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas organize various actvities to develop speech and language skills in kids. All our programs aim at making the kids confident about their language skills. For more information, call us at (254) 699 - 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX - 76541.

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