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After School Activities For Kids

Kids of all age groups need to keep themselves occupied with interesting activities, other than playing video games and watching television. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas is renowned for organizing a range of activities for kids of all ages. The activities offered here range from arts, health programs, tutoring to sports events including youth football, basketball and cheerleading.

All these activities serve as a podium to entertain, occupy and explore the potential of kids and help them grow, nurture and develop their talent. Below is a list of some interesting after school activities that parents can consider for their kids:

  • Painting – Painting is one of the common after school activities which can be taken up by a child of any age. It is a fun and inspiring activity that instills a passion for creativity in any child.
  • Music – Learning how to sing or play a musical instrument is an activity that interests kids immensely. The joy of learning to play a song on an instrument is exhilarating. Moreover, music creates passion and a sense of dedication in children.
  • Drama – Drama or theatre is an activity that engages every child. Those who are shy on stage can be a part of the production and management team, while others can pursue acting and performance.
  • Sports – Sport and recreational activities like tackle football, volleyball, track, cheerleading helps keep children fit and encourage athletic skills, teamwork and healthy habits. 
  • Character & Leadership - Every child has a potential to become a good communicator and a leader and this potential needs to be developed. Character & Leadership programs can help inculcate this quality and prepare them to meet the challenges of adulthood and leadership successfully.

Benefits of after-school activities:

  • The child learns to communicate better with others and build strong interactive bond. He also learns the importance of team work.
  • After school activities like drama, music, sports etc. helps the child to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Such activities assist the children in developing coordination, focus and make them determined and dedicated.
  • Such activities help kids to make new friends and nurture their inborn talent and creativity. These activities also help bring out the best in an individual.
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