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Alcoholism In Teenagers

Alcohol is a very powerful drug that affects the central nervous system of the human body to a great extent. Excessive intake of it leads to depression. Teenagers are said to be at a higher risk than adults of becoming alcoholic as they injudiciously try to adopt the adult behavior pattern. They try to imitate adults and in a bid to do that they succumb to the unhealthy habit of taking alcoholic drinks.

Teenagers, who get addicted to alcohol, experience a lot of problems, related not only to health, also with the behavior, attitude and academics. The most common signs from which you can make out if your child is becoming an alcoholic are:

  • Children suffering from the problem of alcoholism usually lose interest in studies and are not regular in school. They lag behind in the school work and assignments, which is clearly reflected by their dropping grades. It is very essential for parents to keep a check on the attendance record of the child. This helps in knowing if your ward has missed classes.
  • Health gets severely affected with the intake of alcohol. The most common signs are sudden loss or gain in weight, bulging of eyes, poor concentration power, mood swings, change in sleeping patterns, poor hygiene et al.
  • There is an appalling change in the behavior pattern of teenagers. They begin to make excuses, become verbally and physically very abusive. They also tend to switch their peer groups.

Parents need to take a number of precautions to help their child cope with the problem of alcoholism. To lend you a helping hand in the cause, there are certain institutes that deal with several teenage related problems.

Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas is renowned nationwide for its various programs that it runs for the betterment of youngsters. It aims at guiding your kid not just in the academic field, also in extracurricular activities. Special programs like SMART Moves and SMART Leaders are run by this club which prepare teenagers to help their peers resist alcohol, tobacco, other addictive substances drugs and premature sexual activity.

Get your child enrolled in this program to help him get rid of the alcohol addiction. For more information, contact Ms Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) at 254-699-5808.

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