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Basketball Can Make Your Kids Smarter!

In today’s digital age, with children of our generation being hooked to computers and other electronic gadgets, the importance of physical activity assumes all the more significance. Sports and other outdoor kids activities are a great way to build body stamina and general fitness. Besides these inculcate many qualities such as team work and the spirit of sportsmanship, which help a child in the long run.

Basketball is one such sport. And the benefits that a child can gain by playing it are numerous. When it comes to fitness, there is no other sport that makes use of all body muscles as effectively as basketball does. Jumping, dribbling, and dodging: they all provide a great workout for the body. The blood circulation improves and the inflow of fresh air works wonders for the heart. Playing the game regularly also helps to build stamina and endurance, especially in young kids, as the muscles and bones are in the growing stage.

Apart from physical fitness, the next key advantage associated with basketball is the tremendous boost it can give to a child’s confidence. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, where your competitors are always ready to pin you down, confidence can augur really well for a child to deal with the tough situations that he or she will encounter in his or her life at a later stage. Winning matches and making strategies for the same acts are a perfect way to build up confidence.

Basketball is not merely a sport. There is a lot of thought process involved as one player passes the ball to the other and they work out on a plan of action. This helps a kid to build up analytical skills and logic which is more than handy in practical situations. The child learns to scrutinize and assess things and choose the alternative that works best under the given circumstances.

Then there is the benefit of learning to work in a team. You play basketball as a team with all players contributing equally to the common goal of winning the game. This teaches the child the value of gelling well with others and working as one unit, giving equal importance to everybody’s opinions. Team work is an important aspect that is really helpful as the child grows up.

There is no doubt that class room education is vital for a child. But the fact stands that this education is incomplete without active participation in games and physical activities. And basketball is a wonderful way to accomplish physical as well as intellectual growth. So go and encourage your child to start playing the game today and see him or her becoming stronger, taller and smarter!

We at Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas conduct Co-Ed Basketball registration which begins from December 3 and ends on December 13. To get your kid registered in the same, kindly visit the Woody Hall Unit located at 5100 Trimmier Road in Killeen between 3pm and 7pm from Monday to Friday and between 10am and 3pm on Saturday. For more assistance, call Ms. Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) at 254-699-5808, Ext: 102.

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