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Benefits Of Career Planning For Your Child

Every parent wants to ensure that their child is successful and happy in life. For most of the people, success and happiness begin with a good career. Thus, it is very important for individual to start planning for his career at an early stage of his life. The students who start planning for their career by exploring the educational and career opportunities in the middle school are found to be more successful. These students set up their career goals in the high school and realize their dreams in the college and universities. During the school time, children should be allowed to explore their interests, identify their career goals as well as hook up those goals to the training and education that they would require in order to fulfill their dreams.

Steps in career planning

  • Self assessment - Identify the interests of your child. Find out what is important to him and what is his aptitude. The career that the child chooses should be linked to his interest, skill, value and talent.
  • Research -Once the child has made out some potential career options, make him learn more about each job. For instance, make him know about the average salary, job description, educational qualification and the skills required for the job. Also try to give them a practical experience through part time jobs and volunteer work.
  • Plan - Once the child has settled on a career option, there is a need to set goals as well as make planning to bring it about. Going for the right high school classes and building a career plan will be of assistance to the child to choose the appropriate course and college.
  • Achieve - Once the child has made his mind about a career option, it is time to work on it. Identify the type of training or education required for his/her desired career. Also, find out the best colleges and universities for the course that is required for that career.

To enroll your child in various career development programs, join Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas. To know more or to register your child, please contact Ms. Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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