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Boys and Girls Club, Texas Aims To Create Better Individual

In small towns and cities across Texas, the youth are fighting to make a bright future. Hatred, drug abuse, low fitness levels and eminent dropout rates are marring our children’s power to excel. Crime, drugs and alcohol usage are amongst the gravest problems involving Texas's young generation.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas renders all the people with guidance-oriented character development programs carried on by trained, and professional staff. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas positively affect lives that assist young people attain their total potential as productive and caring natives.

Each day the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas motivate its members. Whether boosting young people to complete their home task, play sports or involve in recreational activities, enter in an art contest or ingest a healthy snack, the Club staff recognizes the integral role they play in making the wholesome environment that the kids require.

It creates a worthwhile influence on young lives by establishing self esteem and promoting the evolution of values and accomplishments during vital periods of childhood growth. We tend to make a difference in a child's life by making role models through staff members, volunteers and eminent celebrity figures.

Assisting youth turn into responsible, loving citizens and learn skills for taking part in the democratic process is the main purpose of the programs targeting character development. They also evolve leadership qualities; render opportunities for planning, aid in decision-making, and celebrating our national heritage.

Curriculums in this discipline authorize youth to support and influence their Club and also the community. The programs in the club promote meaningful relationships with other individuals, evolve a positive self-image, encourage individuals to take part in the democratic process and honor their own and other’s ethnic identities.

We endeavor to provide every child in our state, an opportunity for a brighter and happier future. The Club alters lives by caring for every child. This wrap-around approach yields youth the tools that they require to transform into responsible and independent adults.

For detailed information on various activities at Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas, you can contact Ms Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) on 254-699-5808.

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