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Bring Out The Budding Artist In Your Kid

If you believe in ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’, then this post is just for you. Often noticed that your kids scribbling in the last pages of their notebooks, making different models with typical household items, singing and dancing? Do not consider these as a worthless habit, rather it is great habit as this indicates your child has a deep love for arts and it is now time to give your child a golden opportunity to polish up his artistic and creative skills.

Not to worry if you are not able to give ample time to your kid. There are various clubs and organizations for children which cater to all their needs and help them bring out the hidden skills in them. These clubs are very safe and reliable as these are run by child experts. To name one is our - The Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas. We help in boosting the social, psychological as well as physical development of the children by engaging them in different recreational activities.

We target the social aspects of development which include cross cultural understanding, increase in the confidence level, learning the skills of working in a team along with development of a positive outlook.

The psychological benefits include expansion of the boundaries of learning, analytical thinking, developing problem solving skills and encouraging creativity.
The rise in self expression and the physical tasks leads to a remarkable physical growth of the child.

At the Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas, efficient trainers make sure that your child’s overall personality develops and his talent gets polished. For this purpose, the club has wide number of art programs like the National Fine Arts Exhibit Program, Imagemakers National Photography Contest, Digital Arts Suite and Festivals, Summer Music Camp for Teens and many more.

So do not make your child a book worm, give him a good platform to identify the hidden talent in him. You never know your child might become a great artist in the future!

To register your kid in the various art programs, please call Ms Caroll Dunn at 254-699-5808.

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