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Building Self-Esteem In Children

Self-esteem can be defined as feeling of perceiving worthwhile about you. With a good self-esteem a child will not be scared of trying new things without much fear of failing. A good self-esteem in a child will let him reach out and make friends. It will also help him to settle down the frivolous problems that he comes across. Your child would build a solid foundation for life with a good self-esteem. Self esteem develops during infancy and keeps going on until we are adults. A child may experience low self-esteem if he does not feel loved by his family. Likewise, a child who is hesitant about his or her own abilities can also develop a low self-esteem.

Kids keep on trying new things unless they succeed, thus developing ideas about their own capabilities. Therefore, childhood is the best time to develop and promote self-esteem. Parents play a key role to helping kids form accurate, healthy self-perceptions. Given below are few tips for parents to follow that will help their child to develop a healthy self-esteem:

  • Be a Positive Role Model: Children see their parents as their role models. They do whatever their parents will. If the parents will often say ‘I can’t do’ or ‘I won’t be able to do’, then children will also start developing the ‘can’t do’ attitude and will shirk from work.
  • Encourage Positive Risk Taking: A self-confident child will have the inner fortitude to try new things or kids activities, even if there is a risk of failure. Encourage them as they try out new skills. Walk with your kid on unfamiliar paths just for the adventure of seeing where you reach. This will raise the confidence of trying out new things within your kid.
  • Let Children Make Choices: Let your toddler choose what he or she wants to wear for the party. Let your kid make a choice on whatever he wants to eat when you go out for a meal. After he is done with his selection let him know about the good and bad aspects of the food item that he ordered, in a calm and humble way. Asking the kid to select what he or she wants, will lead to attain self confidence in a child.
  • Let Children Solve Problems: When a child is in some frivolous problem, let him help himself. There is no need to rush to help him. Just give him time to be creative enough to sort out things. This will not only develop self confidence in your child but will also help him to be self-dependent.

We at Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas organize ‘Goals for Growth’ program for kids between the age group 8-12 years. The program helps them identify their own strengths and enhances their self-esteem with various kids’ activities. For more details, visit us at 304 W Ave B, TX- 76541 or call Ms. Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) at 254-699-5808, Ext: 102.

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