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Building Strong Character At Boys And Girls Clubs

When you walk through the doors of the Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, you will most probably hear a great deal of laughter. At these clubs, you will often witness young children building friendly relationships, doing homework, working on projects, participating in activities and sharing their ideas and aspirations with the staff and volunteers. Largely, it appears like a lot of fun. And it really is. What many people do not see is the intentional counseling and instruction that is part of each interaction, each game, each program and each activity - each day.
Our club unlike the other clubs around the World makes use of the following formula to positively bear upon the lives of young people in the communities:

The Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas start with "the Kids Who Need Us The Most".

And Then We Render…

  • A Safe and sound and Positive Environment.
  • Caring Adult Professionals to Steer and Mentor.
  • Daily Setting to build up Regular Attendance, and.
  • Targeted Curriculums With Established Outcomes.

To The Young Adults Who...

  • Practice Salubrious Behaviors & Lifestyles.
  • Accomplish Academic Success, and.
  • Show Good Morals and Strong Character.

At Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, you will find:

Secure and Positive Environment:

Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas create a positive environment for the young people where they are physically, socially and emotionally secure. These Clubs are meant to be inviting, well-lit and appealing to the young people. Streamlined programs and activities are carried on daily in big groups, small groups, and also one on one.

Caring Adult Professionals:

Youth development experts at these clubs receive hours of training and ongoing professional development each year. These experts take good care of all the kids who are a part of these clubs.

Regular Attendance:

The Clubs charge a quite nominal fee per year to make sure that no child is turned away. Clubs are open every day after school so the kids can rely on us to be there when they require us most.

The youngsters who attend the Boys & Girls Club Of Central Texas on a regular basis are most likely to have the greatest life-changing impact.

Join today our prestigious Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas. Contact Ms Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808 to know more and to register.   

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