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Character & Leadership Programs At Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas

Developing a strong character and leadership qualities is a crucial part of the overall growth of young children. Various programs are organized at Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas to instill and encourage these important assets in children up to the age of 18 years. These programs also help to develop leadership skills in children by providing them ample opportunities for decision making, planning, volunteering, crisis management etc.

Some of the character and leadership programs offered by Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas are:

  • Youth of the Year: This is a primary youth recognition program for all the members of the club. It is aimed at promoting academic performance, life goals, moral character, ability to speak in public, poise, and service to family, community and the club. The program is implemented year round to foster personal growth, character as well as leadership qualities. Regional clubs select ‘Youths of the month’ and a ‘Youth of the Year’ from the members aged 14- 18 years who represent their respective clubs in the state level competition.
  • Torch Clubs: This is a small leadership club for children aged 11-13 years. Torch Clubs are basically aimed at driving children to the right path when they are at a critical developmental stage, i.e. adolescence. The members of this club are motivated to work in groups to perform activities in different areas including social recreation, health and fitness, education and service to community and the club. Children who give an outstanding performance in all the four areas round the year are presented with ‘Staples National Torch Club Awards’.
  • Keystone Clubs: These are active leadership clubs for teens aged 14-18 years. The kids club organizes various activities in different areas including character and leadership development, unity, social recreation, service to community and club, education and career assessment. The members of the club are also nominated to direct committees that organize local and national Keystone seminars every year. 
  • Goals for Growth: Through this program, kids aged 8-12 years are encouraged to set and achieve life goals, identify their strengths, and enhance self-esteem by reinforcing their progress. The members are made to set goals in six areas including service to others, school improvement, career awareness, club involvement, personal improvement, skills and hobbies.

For more details about the character and leadership programs offered by Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas, you can call at (254) 699-5808.

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