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Depression In Teenagers

Depression in teenagers is not just about their mood swings and ups and downs in life. It is, in fact a serious issue which should be dealt as soon as possible. Teens are usually restless as they have to cope with the biological changes in their body along with the changing behavior of their parents, friends and other family members towards them. Under such chaotic conditions, they become depressed very easily and very often. In such a situation they can get addicted to smoking, drinking and other bad habits.

Many factors affect the thinking process of kids when they enter their teens. They are at such a growing stage of their lives where they are not able to decide on their own. They are highly influenced by their surroundings and the environment that is present around them. As they are still immature and cannot differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, they get into a catch through peer pressure and get puzzled. They fight with their thoughts at the school on one side and home on the other.

Teenagers are very sensitive and usually have poor emotional strength. They are not well adaptable to the trauma which might bring huge disturbances in their lives.  For teenagers it can be difficult to maintain a balance between their academic challenges and social life. They have so many questions and doubts in their mind which stresses them out. Apart from this, the expectations of the parents and family members can make them more stressed and depressed. Unlike adults, who have the ability to seek assistance on their own, teenagers usually rely on parents, teachers, or seniors who can guide them and listen to their problems. Parents and teachers have the whole responsibility to give strength and hope to the child, and guide him in each and every decision that he makes.

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