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Football For Kids In Texas

Football is a fun and exciting sport that is enjoyed by children of all ages. It improves the physical health of children but also promotes their social as well as psychological skills. Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas offers ‘Tackle Football League’ for the kids aged 7 to 12 years. In the program, different leagues are organized that enroll players depending upon their age and weight. Presently, three leagues are offered:

  • NCAA League for boys aged 7-8 years who weigh 60-100 lbs. and 9 years who weigh 60-74 lbs.
  • AFC League for boys aged 9 years who weigh 75-120 lbs., 10 years old weighing 70-110 lbs. and 11 years old weighing 75-89 lbs.
  • NFC League for boys aged 11-12 who weigh 90-140 lbs. and 10 year olds who weigh 111-140 lbs.

Here are some benefits for enrolling your child in the football program offered by the kids club:

  • Physical Activity: Football is a game that requires a high amount of physical involvement from the child. Approximately 60 minutes of exercise is recommended by the American Public Health Association for a person to stay fit and healthy. The jumping, running, catching and throwing involved in the game can fulfil this requirement.
  • Teamwork: Football helps children learn the importance of team work to achieve success. Each game requires the combined effort of 11 or more individuals to be executed efficiently. While being a part of the team, the child learns responsibility and the importance of team play. 
  • Character Development: Football provides an opportunity to the kids to have a practical experience of many life concepts both on and off the field. They learn how to handle defeat with dignity, attain success through hard work and determination, and improving themselves with constant practice. All these help in laying the foundation for the child’s strong character.
  • Friendship: While being a part of the football team, the child gets to know, meet and share their views with other players. The team plays together, takes part in practice sessions, shares its wins as well as defeats. This instills a strong positive interest and a healthy relationship among them.

To enroll your child with any of the football leagues offered by Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, you can call at (254) 699 - 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX 76541.

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