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Give Your Kids A Smoke-Free Childhood

The fact that cigarette smoking is injurious to health is known to all. Around 4000 different chemicals enter an individual’s body on smoking a single cigarette. These poisonous chemicals damage various cells in a human body that can lead to cancer and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attacks. Despite knowing that cigarette smoking is not a healthy practice, children and teens continue with the habit and it gradually changes to addiction. In US alone, around 4000 youngsters turn chain smokers everyday. When asked the reason of their smoking, they often answer that smoking makes them look fashionable and mature at the same time. It is also seen in some cases that kids acquire this habit from their parents.

You can protect your child by informing him about the health risks associated with smoking. Be a good role model for your child and quit smoking in case you do. Make clear rules and give appropriate reasons to them to keep him away from this habit. When you are talking to your child about the harmful effects of smoking, do it in a calm and subtle way so that you don’t scare him away. Listen to your child patiently when he tells you as to what makes him an addict. Devote him a lot of time by playing with him and taking him for outings. Encourage him to participate in various kids activities like football, baseball, tennis etc that can divert his attention from smoking. It is often seen that teens get into the habit of smoking due to peer pressure. Ask him to firmly say no if any of his friend forces him to smoke. Keep telling him how smoking affects the daily life of children who smoke.

You should develop a friendly relationship with the child at an early age so that he lets you know whatever is happening in his life. This will eventually let the child talk to you freely about smoking. He will also involve you in making decisions and will take your advice on various issues, even on things like smoking. Various kids clubs in US offers several kids’ activities that make them fit and active. Some of the clubs also offer different programs that help the youngsters resist smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. These programs include small group activities that enhance their life skills and build their resiliency. The activities involve various sports like football, volleyball, basketball and cheerleading.

We at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas organize year-round kids activities for kids of 6-18 years of age.  To get your kid enrolled in any of these activities kindly contact us at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541 or call us at 254-699-5808 Ext: 102.

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