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Healthy Eating Habits For Teenagers

Teenage years are a crucial period for growth and physiological changes, which in turn put a high demand on the body for energy and nutrients. Eating healthy during these years can have immense benefits in adulthood. There will be fewer chances of weight related problems and chances are, you will end up looking younger and being highly energetic.

Teenagers always seem to be in a hurry and in the process, compromise on their meals. Most of them skip breakfast while others munch onto some junk food to compensate for a missed meal. The immediate effect of this is a slow metabolic rate and varying blood sugar levels, which play havoc with the overall well being of the body.

The following are some guidelines that may be helpful in the development of healthy eating habits in teens:

  • Lots of energy and nutrients: Teenagers who eat a balanced diet comprising starchy carbohydrates, lots of fruits and vegetables, protein, and dairy products help their bodies develop to their fullest potential and feel fresh and full of energy. Fatty and sugar rich foods should be taken in negligible portions. Other than this, they should drink plenty of water.
  • Never skip a meal: Teens are obsessed with weight loss and skip meals thinking it will help them stay lean. On the contrary, skipping a meal only ends up making you feel sluggish and increases the urge to binge on “anything” when a hunger pang strikes. Eating in time, that too small portions of about six meals a day, keeps your weight in check. In addition to the three basic meals of the day, incorporating healthy snacks in between could be a great habit that will pay back in the years to come.
  • Avoid dieting: Dieting seems to be a shortcut to having the perfect body for girls. However, it is not good for your health. During these years of growth and development, your body needs all types of foods and depriving it will only show its ill effects on your skin, hair, and body. In fact, after dieting, your body tends to put on almost double the weight. The best policy is to eat everything in moderation and to choose what you eat.
  • Eating etiquettes: Basic eating etiquettes like eating slowly, sharing your food, and taking small servings first can help you eat wisely and judiciously as a teenager. Eating slowly lets you eat only how much you require. Small servings will discourage overeating while sharing with others cuts down on the quantity you consume.

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