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Hoops For Health: Kids Activities Texas

If there is one game that is the most popular and a fast growing sport, then it is Basketball. Whenever you see hoops or baskets, you can expect someone is shooting balls into it. Such is the popularity of the game that it is played in open fields and gymnasiums with the same enthusiasm. Basketball has many health benefits associated with it and this is the main reason why we, at Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas, organize various basketball games across the region for kids.

Below are some of the health benefits of basketball that can make your kids physically active and mentally alert.

  • Strength training: Basketball being an excellent body workout leans out the body muscles. It is a physically intensive sport and helps in toning of the legs and groin muscles because of the running and jumping involved. Movements like dribbling and shooting strengthen the arm muscles, wrist flexors and hand muscles.
  • Mental Development: In addition to physical techniques, the ability to constantly focus on teammates and make quick decisions based on their actions develops the agility of mind. The mind has to think fast to dodge other players with changing momentum of the game. This way more attention and control is gained from a young age.
  • Motor Control: The ability to pass the ball with precision requires a lot of training and practice.  This helps in controlling the position of the body and to co-ordinate the movements in response to the opponent.
  • Endurance:  Since basketball is a tough and intense game which involves running, jumping, shooting and dribbling, it increases endurance levels and makes the body stronger.
  • Burns calories: As the game involves a series of movements it burns a lot of calories and helps kids stay active.
  • Social Skills: Basketball also instills a lot of discipline and communication skills that is required for winning the game. Rules and regulations have to be followed and regular practice has to be attended with attention. Through these skills kids can learn the importance of discipline, attention, responsibility and team work which are of great value in life.

Basketball is a game that provides a lot of enjoyment and improves the minds and bodies of kids. Kids should be involved in games like basketball to teach them a lot of lessons related to life. You can get your child enrolled in basketball games at our kids club by visiting 304 W Ave B, TX 76541 or calling at (254) 699-5808.

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