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How Much Freedom Should Teenagers Be Given?

Teenage is such a sensitive period when child’s personality begins to develop. At this early stage of life they start picking up things from the people around them and begin to act accordingly. When it comes to the controversial question of giving freedom to them, many parents have different views and opinions. Sooner or later they eventually learn that they have to accept their child’s growing independence along with the essential guidance and support at the appropriate times. This not only enables a child to learn self discipline and acquire a sense of responsibility, but also helps them to face the challenges of the pragmatic world and develop the skills to lead a successful adult life ahead. 

Deciding extend of freedom that should be given to the teenagers is a complicated issue. While some parents believe that their kids should be given restrictive freedom due to the vulnerable dangers present in the society, there are others who believe in giving enough freedom to their kids so that they can learn from their life experiences and become independent.

Guidance at the right time and supervision of children is necessary so that they can be encouraged to rightly differentiate between the wrong and the right decisions they make in life. They should be allowed to make choices and experience the consequences of those respective choices. They should also be allowed to assert themselves so that they can learn new skills and correct their mistakes by themselves. Giving freedom to your kids provides them with the opportunities to test themselves and they learn to become better social beings.

On the other hand, not giving the sufficient freedom to children can make them rebellious and disobedient. As teens are caught between the expectations to act like an adult but can not participate in certain adult activities at the same time, this puts them to stress and makes them irritated. This irritation may lead to many other troubles for the kids and their parents as well. So, the decision on how much freedom should teenagers be given should solely depend on the abilities and the basic nature of the teens based on the parent’s past experiences with the kids.

Parents should always go for a balanced approach, that is, the required amount of freedom when needed, along with the necessary restrictions at the appropriate time. For more guidance on child issues, you can visit Boys and Girls Clubs of Texas, 304 W Ave B, TX- 76541 or call Ms. Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808, Ext: 102.

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