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How To Bridge The Generation Gap?

At one point or the other, most of the youngsters feel that their parents do not understand them nor do they respect them as an individual. These days, parents and kids have a wide difference between their attitudes, priorities, thought process as well as understanding. This difference is often termed as generation gap. But luckily, every problem has a solution. There is a way to bridge this yawning chasm between the parents and their toddlers.

Kids often say ‘you never understand me!’ to their parents. In order to genuinely build up a healthy relation, both parents and kids should start treating and understanding each other like a friend. For parents it is important to listen to the child and understand his or her viewpoint. While for a child, he should have respect and love for their parents. Besides being occupied in daily chores and worrying about expenses at home, or office work etc, parents need to spend some quality time with their kids. Here are some tips for parents that can bring them closer to their kids:

  • Communication: Unless and until you communicate with your kids, you would not be able to share your thoughts. Make them know what you feel and also listen to their point of view.
  • Devoting quality time: Spend a lot of time together having fun. This will help you know each other even more. This will surely take some time but the results are always fruitful.
  • Clear boundaries: Do not put a lot of restriction on your kid. Know what they like and dislike. Trust plays a key role here and makes you not worry much about them.
  • Step into each other’s shoe: Know and respect each other’s opinions, values and thinking.
  • Respect individuality: Parents should let kids know their view point but at the same time they must also give ample space to kids to enjoy their lives. They never like to be spoon fed by their elders all the time.

If you want your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle and become a responsible citizen, it is essential to engage them in various activities which will boost their academics as well as extracurricular activities.
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