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How To Develop The Reading Habit In Children

Children can imbibe every habit from their surroundings effortlessly. Therefore, it is important to inculcate the habit of reading in them right from the start, so that they can carry it with them for a lifetime. If your child is engaged in some kids club or group, then you must make sure that he is learning to read there as well.

At home, you can do a lot of things that will help in developing reading habit in your children. Read on to know…

  • Read aloud to your children different books that they are interested in. They will not only listen carefully to what you are speaking, but will also try to take interest in reading from the book.
  • Limit television viewing to bare minimum so that your children get more inclined towards reading rather than sitting in front of the TV whole day. Involve them in various Kids Activities while giving importance to reading and they will surely get attracted towards it.
  • Take along your kids for a visit to a museum, a park or even a zoo etc. When they will acquire more and more knowledge about different things, it will make them wonderful readers as well.
  • Communication is one of the most important aspects in a child-parent relationship. Make sure you have a hearty conversation with your child on any topic. It could be something as trivial as his favorite pet or best friend. Talking a lot will increase his vocabulary and also churn his thinking wheels. This inquisitiveness will make him a pro at reading.
  • Ask questions to your children wherein they can describe things completely on their own. Even if they are saying a wrong sentence, do not interrupt. When children narrate incidents they learn to create meanings and this is an imperative aspect of understanding what they read.
  • Whatever you do, your children are bound to follow your actions. This is the same when it comes to reading. You must read in front of your children so that they can actually see you enjoying this activity. This way they will consider reading as a fun activity and start doing the same on their own.
  • Whenever you read out stories to your children, make sure you discuss it with them later on. Ask them to identify letters and words while explaining their meaning. Exchange your views and have a healthy discussion.
  • Teaching your child how to properly handle the books is as important as teaching them how to read. Make your child sit with you and make him turn the pages of the book that you are reading. This will make him handle the books carefully with lots of love.

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