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How To Smartly Deal With Teenage Anxiety

Fears and anxiety are a very common emotion experienced by almost every individual. In a way, anxiety is a good emotion and helps motivate and excel. However too much anxiety, especially during the teen years, can affect the daily life and have adverse consequences. Thus parents need to ensure that anxiety does not begin to cause distress in the everyday life of their teenager.

It is extremely important that parents identify when the anxiety levels of children have gone beyond the normal expected levels. Here are some useful tips that can help you deal effectively with your child’s anxiety problem.

Tips to deal with anxiety in teens:

  • Set Routine: Establish a consistent and structured routine for your teen. This will help significantly in reducing their anxiety levels. A planned routine will provide them a sense of control and predictability. Organize time for basic activities like eating, studying and exercises. Set their limits as well as the consequences for breaking them.
  • Talk about it: Parents should encourage the child to share his/her feelings with them. Anxiety is a positive emotion as long as it is in a controlled level. Talk to them about their doubts, concerns, fears, worries and try to pacify them. Help them to manage their anxious behavior with the help of breathing exercises. Make sure you are accepting and acknowledging about your teenager child’s feelings. Being criticized and disapproved by the parent can ruin their sense of self– esteem.
  • Develop social circle: Encourage your teen to spend quality time with family and friends. This will give them a sense of security and bonding. Also, keeping themselves busy in other activities will also help to distract their minds from thoughts that provoke anxious behavior.
  • Make them take risks: Teenagers should be encouraged to come out of their comfort zones and engage in activities that involve them to explore their skills and capacities. Do not make them avoid situations that lead to anxiety. They must learn to engage in innovative activities as it will help them build confidence and increase the sense of self-worth.

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