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Importance Of Leisure Reading For Teens

Leisure reading can be referred to as reading any book, novel or magazines in your free time. Earlier when there used to be no televisions or computers, reading was the primary leisure activity for kids. Kids and teens loved to read comics, story books or even light novels. With the changing times and advent of technology, children prefer to play video games or chat on the Internet with their friends. They have somehow lost their passion for reading. As leisure reading offers a productive approach to improve vocabulary and word power, teens should be encouraged to pick the habit of reading in their leisure time. The leisure reading will help them perform better in school. There are various advantages associated with reading that show how important leisure reading is for teens. A few of them are:

  • Higher IQ level: The teenagers who have a habit of leisure reading have comparatively higher IQs. They have a tendency to perform much better in academics and are also very creative. Parents are advised to infuse the habit of reading in their kids in early years because it is observed that those kids will have better communication skills.
  • Mental exercise: Reading is to mind what exercise is to body and this wonderful habit assists in mental development. Reading also is known to stimulate eye muscles. It also helps improve the concentration of the reader. This leisure activity adds to the individual’s conversational skills while enhancing the knowledge consistently.
  • Vocabulary: Reading is a way to improve your grammatical skills as well as vocab. Teenagers, who choose to take an exit exam for getting admission in graduate high school, perform well if they are into the habit of reading since these exams test the vocabulary of the student.
  • Exposure: Besides adding to general knowledge, the readers are exposed to different subjects, stories, cultures, people and their ideology. Leisure reading broadens the horizons of the teenagers making them think well personally as well as professionally. Reading different books help the teenagers explore different things.
  • Relaxation: Reading a good book can divert a teen’s mind from his everyday text books and can also help him relax and calm down.
  • Inexpensive habit: This leisure activity is a safe and healthy form of enjoying your free time. Unlike other hobbies like playing video games, watching movies or even listening to songs on some costly mp3 player, the hobby of reading is very inexpensive.

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