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Music Camps For Kids In Central Texas

It is a well known fact that music heals our soul, and also relieves us from all the stress and tensions that we come across during daily course of our lives. Nowadays, kids have a heavy burden of studies and summer breaks provide them the chance of using their leisure time in learning things which gives them real happiness and pleasure. These are the times when kids get along with their friends and join summer camps to refresh themselves from the year long schooling pattern. 

Music camps for kids provide them the opportunity to develop their singing skills. Such camps also help them to get trained in various musical instruments like guitar, piano, drums etc. It allows kids to experience various art forms which give them an artistic bent of mind. The best part of such music camps is that the kids become familiar with various musical instruments and can develop interest to pursue it as a career latter in life.

As kids get trained according to their interests in a particular field, they can anytime utilize these skills while participating in school functions or TV shows etc. Music camps not only help in enhancing their personality but also aid them in making new friends and peer groups. With such camps, kids learn to handle life’s stress more comfortably and shape their career line according to their likes and interests.

Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas has developed the summer music camp for teens, in partnership with the Texas Folk Music Foundation. The prime motive of the camp is to let teenagers explore different art forms like music and poetry. This music camp included professional training on various musical instruments and lyrics writing.

We, at Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas, would be conducting more such music camps for different age-groups for the over-all development of your kid’s personality. For more details visit Boys and Girls Clubs of Texas, 304 W Ave B, TX- 76541 or call Ms. Carol Dunn at 254-699-5808 Ext: 102.

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