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Photography: Career Opportunities For Kids

Childhood is an appropriate time to try new tasks and discover a child’s talent. As a parent one must encourage the kid to be creative and help them recognize their potential in any field. Photography is an interesting hobby that appeals to many kids. Due to the easy availability of cameras and smart phones with in-built cameras, picking up this skill has gotten much easier. Thus if you sense that your child has a natural bent towards photography you should motivate them to get better at it.

Some of the career opportunities, related to photography, that your kids could pursue are:

  • Photojournalists: One of the most prominent career options in photography is photojournalism. The photojournalists have keen observation skills and gather news through their pictures. They can work for magazines, newspapers, and websites or as a freelancer. 
  • Art photography: Art photographers sell their work to shops, museums and art studios. Their pictures are made into posters and prints. This type of photography requires still life photography skills that the photographer uses to click objects, buildings, food and artistic images. Such photographers can work for advertising and marketing companies, restaurants and food publications.
  • Forensic photographer: Children can also develop their career in photography to be a forensic photographer. These photographers work for police to document evidences at the crime spot. This is also an interesting work profile related to photography.
  • Event photography: This is a lucrative career option as the photographer documents special events such as fashion shows, parties, weddings and birthdays. This type of photography requires artistic skills and good management.
  • Portrait photography: Another career option is portrait photography. The photographer works from a studio and click portraits of children, families, high school students and events.

Parents can encourage children to learn photography skills from the childhood days. They should motivate them to click pictures and teach them about the right techniques to click different types of pictures. Parents should get their child more involved in activities and competitions related to photography in their school or at city level. They can also take them to photography exhibitions to explore the work of other photographers and appreciate them. Another way to introduce photography into your child’s life, as a hobby is to make them join kids' club or classes so that they can hone their skills

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas organize ImageMakers National Photography Contest to encourage kids between 6-18 years to learn and practice photography. For more information, visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX - 76541 or call (254) 699-5808.

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