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Skills Mastery And Resistance Training Program At Boys & Girls Club Central Texas

The Boys & Girls Club - Texas is a nonprofit organization providing after-school child care programs and activities for kids aged 6-18 years. The Skills Mastery & Resistance Training Program is one of our most popular programs, which is specifically designed with an aim of safeguarding teenagers from anti-social activities. Also known as The SMART Moves, it is a prevention program that aims at educating kids regarding the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse. It also promotes abstinence in youngsters by discouraging them from indulging in premarital sexual activity.

This program has been effective in encouraging children to channelize their energy in a positive direction, and exercise the power of saying “no”. Ever since the inception of our club, thousands of kids have participated in this program, and benefitted from its teachings. We adopt practical and engaging techniques to ensure that the kids take home with them the message that underlies this program. The children are also encouraged to develop a positive and trusting relationship with their mentors, thus giving them a platform to address their doubts and ask for guidance when they need it.

The efficiency of the Skills Mastery And Resistance Training Program can be attributed to its unique “group” approach, whereby club staff, peer leaders, parents, and community representatives are involved. While the club staff is professionally trained on how to impart these skills to children, the involvement of peer leaders gives kids the confidence of being able to openly participate in all discussions and activities. We also strongly encourage the parents to be a part of the program, as this goes a long way in breaking the barrier of communication between the kids and their parents. This is an invaluable learning for the children, as they find a confidant in their own home.

The program is not just limited to stressing on a “say no” approach, but instead adopts multiple techniques to make the children understand why saying “no” is the better choice. These techniques include active discussions, role-playing activities, media analysis, and a strong emphasis on peer influence. In addition, the program incorporates a variety of activities which aim at developing assertiveness and decision making skills in kids, as well as practicing resistance and refusal skills. The program is divided into various components, which include SMART Kids, for ages 6-9; Start SMART, for ages 10-12; Stay SMART, for ages 13-15; and SMART Leaders, a peer leader/booster program for older teens.

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