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Smart Tips To Keep Your Kids Physically Fit

The advent in technology has made the life of people very comfortable. Because of this convenient lifestyle, they have become lazy and lethargic too. This modern attitude towards life has not only affected the physical fitness of adults, also the kids. They are no longer as active as they used to be few years back. Now they hardly have spare time for any physical activity. School, drawing, grammar, math coaching and many other such classes tend to increase brain power, but devoid them of getting any kind of muscular strength. It has also been noticed that if the kids get free time, they either like to play video games or watch TV or surf on net. This is one of the reasons that they are not able to maintain proper weight and thereby can be subjected to various health issues. To avoid any health problems among kids that are caused due to lack of physical activities, you must introduce certain physical kids activities in their daily routine. Few of them are discussed below:

  • Choose the activity that the kid enjoys: It is seen that every kid is different from the other. He might not enjoy sports like baseball, football etc. He might be more interested in other activities like dancing, swimming or karate. So, it is always better to let him participate in the activity that he likes. In fact, encouraging him to perform better will increase the motivation level of the kid and also enhance his performance. On the other hand, if parents pressurize the child to take part in activities that he does not like then he would not take part in the activity enthusiastically and often skip the classes.
  • Participate with your kids: When the parents will actively participate with the kids in their physical activities, the kids would surely enjoy it whole heartedly. The parents are recommended to go out with their kids for playing games like football, basketball, cricket or some other activity that he likes. They can also invite the kid’s friends for a game or two. Spending time with the kids will make them happy and more energetic.
  • Limit screen time: Let your kids take up some hobby that involves physical activity, instead of watching TV in their free time. Act like a role model for your kids and involve yourself into some physical activity in your everyday schedule.
  • Follow the 'No excuse' rule: Some daily routine works like brushing your teeth, getting ready for school are permitted with ‘no refusals’. Follow the same rule and stick firmly to the decision where participation in some physical activity is involved.

We at Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas run several sports, fitness and recreational programs for kids between 7 to 12 years of age. To name a few programs are Tackle Football, Track, Basketball and Cheerleading. Besides these, our programs also help them in staying physically fit and developing positive relationships with their peers and adults. You can enroll your kid in any of these programs by visiting our club at 304 W Ave B, TX- 76541. You can also call Ms. Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) at 254-699-5808, Ext: 102

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