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Sports Programs At Boys & Girls Club Texas

With technology overtaking every aspect of kids’ lives, it is imperative they do not become a couch potato and instead get involved in a physical activity. Sports programs are a great way to get your kid engaged in a fitness activity. This will help him become active and also prove to be beneficial for his health.

At Boys & Girls Club Texas, we organize numerous sports activities for kids and your children will surely want to be a part of them. We are very proud of our Organized Sports Leagues that have contributed towards the overall personality development of so many children. Our sports fitness and recreation program includes activities such as: Youth Football, Youth Basketball and Cheerleading apart from hordes of other activities.

Following are the details of the various sports activities offered by our Boys & Girls Club Texas. These programs have been specially developed for the youth aged between 7-12 years. We determine the age group of a particular child by checking his age as on September 1, 2004. Read on…

  • Tackle Football League: At present, we are offering three leagues in this program. The details of these leagues are as follows:
  1. The NCAA League:  This is available for boys aged between 7-8 years who weigh 60-100 lbs and 9 year olds weighing between 60-74 lbs.
  2. The AFC League: This is available for 9 year old boys weighing between 75-120 lbs, 10 year olds with weight between 70-110 lbs and 11 year old boys between 75-89 lbs.
  3. The NFC League: This league is open for boys aged between 11-12 years and weighing 90-140 lbs as well as 10 year olds who weigh 111-140 lbs.
  4. We also organize Youth Football for boys up to the age of 12 years.
  • Youth Basketball League: There are three leagues in this category: 2nd grade, 3/4 grade and 5/6 grade. There are age restrictions in each category. Do go through our website to know the membership details or you can call on our given number and get all the requisite information. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries and clear your doubts.
  • Cheerleading: This is one activity that incorporates fun and learning together. This activity is designed for kids aged between 7-12 years. It is one of our most popular programs and kids thoroughly enjoy participating in it. All the games organized by our club are played at the Trimmer Road Athletic Facility.
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