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Teaching Kids Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are amongst the most important life skills that we can give our kids. This is one skill that is as important through childhood, as it is in adulthood. No wonder, this skill is being included in kids activities in Texas. Problem solving is a wide-reaching term, that spans a gamut of problems, right from academic difficulties at school, to problems in interpersonal relationships, and everything in between. It makes children confident and responsible, and capable of making positive decisions for themselves.

The following guidelines tell you how you can effectively teach your kids problem solving skills and make the world-ready-

  • The first step to problem solving is being able to identify the problem. Encourage your child to put his feelings into words and describe what is bothering him. When kids are able to clearly express themselves, it makes it easy for them to identify exactly what is wrong, and work towards solving it.
  • The next step to effectively solving a problem is coming up with a list of possible options to solve the problem. For instance, if the kid is being bullied at school, one approach could be to calmly confront the bully and ask them to stop, the second could be to talk to a teacher about it, the third could be to miss school for a few days hoping the problem will subside, etc. Encourage your child to come up with as many options as he can without judging.
  • Once the child knows what the problem he is dealing with is, and what the possible solutions are, you can now sit with him and discuss the pros and cons of each option. At this stage, it is important not to be pushy, but instead to step back and let your child decide for himself with option he wants to go by.
  • Do not pressurize your child to make the right choice, but instead encourage them to do what they feel is correct, and let them know that it is okay if it does not work out-they can always try another option.
  • Child care experts in Texas suggest allowing children to bear natural consequences of their decisions. While this does definitely not mean compromising on your child’s safety, it means letting them experience some negative consequences of their choices, without being too protective.

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