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Teenage Drinking: Helping Your Kid Resist Alcohol

Like most conversations with teenage kids, talking to your teenager about drinking can be awkward, and your child might want to avoid the conversation with you. However, it is important to talk to your kid about the dangers of drinking, and be ready to answer any questions regarding alcohol that they might have. Talking to your child about the dangers of alcohol when they are still young can help to equip them better to resist peer pressure when the time comes. Here are a few tips that can help you to protect your child from alcohol abuse:

  • Enrolling your child in an after-school program that offers anti-alcohol kids activities is a good idea. The message is more likely to hit home in an environment where the kid is surrounded by his peers. 
  • It is important to establish open communication with your child, to ensure that he is comfortable talking with you about alcohol and other tabooed subjects. This can be accomplished by developing a loving atmosphere at home, devoid of harshness and criticism.
  • While trying to reach out to your child, it is important to ensure that you respect his privacy and boundaries, and set realistic expectations from him. Your child should know that you care, but should not develop a rebellious attitude against you.
  • Spending one-on-one time with your teen, doing things that they love to do, such as going on a walk, riding a bike, swimming, baking cookies, watching a movie, etc., can help to foster a close tie with your child, and let them know that they are important to you.
  • If you leave your child at a child care center, ask them if they offer any specific programs that deal with the dangers of alcohol, and enroll your child in such a program. You can find information on such centers across Texas that would be suitable for you.
  • It is natural for teenagers to feel that they are old enough to consume alcohol and drugs. You need to help them understand the definition of maturity, and let them know what age you feel is right for consuming alcohol. Encouraging your child to have a career goal and big expectations from their life can help to deter them from indulging in the consumption of alcohol.
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