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Teenagers And Drug Abuse

Drug abuse, also known as substance abuse refers to the excessive and maladaptive pattern of alcohol or drug consumption. A person suffering from drug abuse has a strong desire to take illicit drugs, faces difficulties in controlling its habit and gives more priority to drug use than to other activities etc.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of teenagers who fall victim to drug abuse. They usually begin taking drugs voluntarily but with the passage of time and continuous drug use, they become drug addicts. This is because the prolonged use of drugs affects the functioning of the brain.

The reasons why teenagers take drugs include, but are not limited to factors like having fun, making friends, being called a ‘risk-taker’ or ‘rebel’, getting stress relief, escaping difficult decisions, peer pressure, being a part of significant group of people, curiosity  etc.

Parents can make out if their kid is suffering from drug abuse with the help of following warning signs:

  • Having bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils.
  • Stays isolated, withdrawn, depressed or angry.
  • Being secretive, particularly about his/her peer group.
  • Losing interest from old habits and being untruthful about new interests and activities.
  • Demanding privacy and avoiding eye contact.

If your child is abusing drugs or alcohol, it is very important to take an action right way. There are certain institutes which deal with various teenage related problems.

We at Boys and Girls Club of Central Texas offer various programs for the betterment of youngsters. We aim at guiding your kid not just in the academic field but also in extracurricular activities. The special programs at our club like SMART Moves and SMART Leaders prepare teenagers to help them resist alcohol, tobacco, other addictive substances drugs and premature sexual activity.

For more information regarding our programs or for any other related queries, feel free to visit us at Boys and Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, located at 304 W Ave B, TX- 76541. You can also call Ms. Carol Dunn (Administrative assistant) at 254-699-5808, Ext: 102.

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