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Why Is Physical Fitness Important For Teens?

A teenager has to face a lot of challenges today health-wise. Thanks to a large number of fast food chains and to top it all, a sedentary lifestyle. Not very long time ago, teenagers were considered the most active lot. They used to walk to school, play outdoor games and eat simple food. They were much fitter as compared to the teenagers now. They had more stamina and energy and had an active life outdoors.  Such a lifestyle eventually helped them grow up as healthy adults.

The scenario now is totally different from what it was then. Nowadays, it’s considered completely normal for a teen to be glued to the laptop for hours together. They can’t resist the urge to keep munching something when in front of the TV. Hanging out with friends at a food joint is considered to be “cool”. What teens today don’t realize is how negative the repercussions of such a lifestyle can be. Teenage obesity, depression, suicides etc. are all offshoots of their way of living.

Fitness is not just about exercising regularly. It comprises a person’s overall strength, endurance, and flexibility. Good nutrition and being mental health also come within its ambit. Physical fitness in teens helps them fight illnesses better and even makes them feel happier due to the release of endorphins in the brain. Teens that are physically fit have less chances of gaining weight throughout their lives and this keeps their confidence levels brimming. The heart, lungs and muscles function efficiently and this in turn keeps the energy levels up.  What’s more, the immune system is strengthened and one doesn’t fall prey to colds, flu and viruses easily.

Focusing on being physically fit in the teenage years will pay off big time in the years to come. One doesn’t have to engage in strenuous exercise to remain fit. All that’s required is moderate amount of physical activity every day. There are a lot of activities to choose from ranging from aerobic exercises to swimming, ice skating, skiing, horse riding etc.  The trick is in having fun as you remain active. For those who are not into such activities, a 30 minute brisk walk or 20 minutes of jogging everyday should suffice. Whatever activity you choose, its efficacy will be judged by how hard your heart beats and how much you sweat.

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