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Why You Should Warm-Up Before You Play Football

Football enthusiasts spend most of their time practicing the game which is becoming ever so popular around the world. However it is important to follow proper techniques during play and warm up sessions prior to playing. It is the duty of the coaches and parents to insist on the importance of warming up before practice. The coaches must make the young football players aware of the preventive measures needed to be taken against injury and strain. Learning about stretching, warm-up exercises and strength training are the essential parts of a solid sports training.

The trainers must encourage the players to indulge in warm-up exercises in their practice sessions. A dynamic warm up session not only prepares the body for the sport but also prepares the player mentally. The warm up sessions often include some cardiovascular exercises, strength drillsand stretching exercises as the cardiovascular exercises increase the blood circulation, increase the heart rate and increase body temperature. Whereas stretching exercises warm up the muscles and prepare them for movement.

Kids should always warm up before playing football for two main purposes; firstly toincrease performance and secondly to prevent injury.As the blood flow increases the body temperature rises and the blood releases more oxygen, which enables the players to perform better. The muscles contract and relax faster, muscle metabolism increases and this helps the muscles perform efficiently.Warming up your muscles is necessary and a 10-20 minutes warm up session is sufficient to help players play well. Some of the exercises that can help youth football players are sidesteps, heel flicks, skipping, knee raises and jogging.

Cold muscles tend to tear easily, whereas warmed up muscles require more force to be injured. Thus warm up helps in preventing muscle injury and by keeping the muscles warm the players can function more and play efficiently. By doing some warm up exercises kids can start playing their best right from the beginning. Warming up also decreases the chances of injury due to pulling of muscles and ligaments. It prepares the muscles for the movement, weight and exercise.By including warm up and cool down exercises in their practice routinekids can surely take their game to the next level and play a better game. Kids can avoid tiredness, straining their muscles and any painful injuries during the game that can render them unable to play and cause serious damages.

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