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Youth Basketball In Texas

Basketball is a very popular sport that keeps children physically active. Playing basketball regularly not only helps your children burn those extra calories but also improves their concentration and builds endurance. As a parent, it is imperative that you engage your child in a productive kids’ club in Texas where basketball is one of the activities.

At the Boys & Girls Club Texas, we organize various activities for kids that involve sports fitness and recreation. The Youth Basketball League is one of our key initiatives and comes under our Organized Sports Leagues. Apart from basketball, we also have other programs as well. These are: Youth Football, Cheerleading and many other such activities.

Through these programs, we encourage the kids to take part in sports and enhance their physical and mental well-being. Read on to know more about our Youth Basketball League…

  • There are three leagues in all: 2nd Grade; 3,4th Grade and 5th Grade. All the different leagues have specific age requirements.
  • A membership fee of $10 is to be paid and an additional $55 as sports participation fee. Along with this, proof of age and proof of residency is also required at the time of registration.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, basketball also offers many other physical and mental advantages. Below is a list of some of them:
Basketball helps in improving balance and co-ordination.

  • It helps to build strong muscles.
  • Since the game involves teamwork, it teaches the kids how to be a good team player.
  • It is a fun game that kids of all age groups can enjoy.
  • It also inculcates self-discipline in children which is vital for their future lives.
  • When your kid joins our Youth Basketball League, he gets to make new friends whom he can meet regularly. This widens the social circle and also opens doors for healthy interaction.

Keep in mind that while playing basketball, your children have the requisite safety equipment with them so as to avoid any injuries. You must provide them a good pair of sports shoes that provide a firm support to the ankle. Also, you must give them mouth guards and protective knee and elbow pads.

Since basketball involves a lot of running, jumping and twisting; make sure that your child is in the best of health before he joins a kids’ club. Visit your family doctor to get a thorough check-up done prior to engaging your child in the game of basketball.

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