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Benefits Of Playing A Musical Instrument

In today’s times, when children have various options in the name of recreation, it is essential that we channelize their interests and curiosity in the right direction. Music is a de-stressing skill which will not only help your child at the development stage but also aid him lifelong.

Here are some benefits of learning to play a musical instrument:

  • Builds discipline: Learning any musical instrument requires practice. Regular and dedicated practice is possible in a strict routine and kids thus, invariably learn to be more disciplined. They will also learn to value time and be patient as they will be given lessons which they need to practice at home. Perfecting an instrument is years of perseverance, which is a good lesson for growing children.
  • Cultivates good social behavior: If kids are learning in a group, they need to keep pace with their peers- slow down or build up their speed on the instrument as per the group’s pace. They also interact, share notes and learn from each other, hence picking up essential social skills.
  • Behavioral benefits: A child who is working on acquiring a skill will be smarter and more confident than his peers. The sense of achievement and constant practice will help the child in accepting criticism positively and becoming a better person.
  • Boosts self esteem: While they are learning an instrument, kids get both positive and negative feedback. It helps them to polish their art and when they overcome a difficult phase, they get immense boost to their self esteem. A constant urge to keep improving and then getting praised for it is good for any child’s confidence levels.
  • Opens up their mind to different cultures: Music is also a good way to expose children to world music. By knowing about various instruments that are specific to various cultures (Bongo in Cuba or Tabla from India), kids can learn about countries and people they may not have heard before.
  • Helps academically: Music is all about patterns, rhythms, beats and scales. As they learn more, they need to have a sharp memory to come out with right tunes or lyrics. Laws of physics are applied too in string instruments like violin or guitar as children learn to pluck the strings. Hence, broadly academics and music are somewhat connected.
  • Builds physical abilities: Coordination and motor skills are definitely being put to use while playing any instrument. Instruments like percussion or drums are meant for high energy kids as they require using both hands and feet. Coordination skills and mind-body synchronization are essential for any instrument hence kids become more physically active.
One way of developing the interest of your child in music instrument is to expose to them to one or two first and then see where their preference lies. Make them talk to the instructor so they feel comfortable and get to know of the benefits.

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas organize music camps for kids of all age-groups. The camp includes various activities like learning musical instruments, writing lyrics and writing music under the supervision of professional artists and poets. For more information, call us at (254) 699-5808.
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