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How After-School Activities Improve Social Skills in Kids

After-School Activities are a great way to illuminate young minds with knowledge and rich experiences. They help them strike a perfect harmony between the academics and social development. Such activities promote positive behaviour, healthy self-esteem, sense of inclusion, self - regulation, communication skills and empathy.

With a holistic care approach, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas enables young minds to develop social skills and relationships. Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas try to inculcate social-emotional learning through after-school programs. These programs enhance the cognitive power, thereby contributing in the overall growth of a child. 

Holistic Growth - Holistic approach to a child's development includes physical, mental, social, personal and intellectual wellbeing. When we pay attention to all these aspects, a child is able to utilize and explore the dimensions of his/her intelligence. It helps in bringing out their full potential which eventually enriches their social experience. Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas has curated different clubs which accommodate numerous after-school activities. 

Sense of Inclusion - Extracurricular activities conducted by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, help children to instil a sense of inclusion and belongingness. Building new friendships, practicing sportsmanship, healthy interactions and being part of a team, having a healthy social support system help children to feel included and belonged.

Receptive and Reciprocate - After school activities appear to improve the overall behaviour of a child. Diverse activities increase their ability to learn speech and new language skills. This makes them more confident to reciprocate in a good manner, thereby enhancing the social experience. It also helps them to be more receptive & expressive.

Foster Self-Regulation & Behaviour Management - Self-Regulation & Behaviour management are the keys to fit in a social environment. Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, has introduced some amazing clubs, which encourage students to manage their emotions and behaviour effectively. It enables children to resolve conflicts with peers and hone better social skills.

Creates Child Friendly Environment - Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, has built a space for children which makes them feel comfortable and cheerful. The clubs create a favourable social environment to enlightened their mental capabilities. A psychologically empowered child is able to understand his/her strengths and develops a positive integrate of thoughts.

Boost Academic Performance - After school activities improve academic performance of a child. They build greater levels of attention & self-awareness which encourage a child maintain a better focus. Realising that they possess a talent or passion for something give them a sense of achievement which is reflected in the academics.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas enriches the social experience of children with their high- quality clubs. Our after- school activities imparts new light of learning which goes beyond the walls of a classroom. It increases their social & academic proficiency.

So, enrol your little ones in Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas and make them better in every aspect of their lives. 

You can visit our Administration office located at 703 N 8th St. Killeen, TX – 76541, Texas. To know more about our clubs, fill the contact form available on our website.

How Physical Activities Help Kids in Academics

As per The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition, children and adolescents should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise/physical activity every day. This not only helps in improving their overall health, but also boosts academic performance.

Let us take a look at how physical activities affect academic performance:

  • Better Cognitive and Motor Skills: The dynamic interaction between cognitive and motor skills during physical activities help in improving attention span and coping levels which help in academics.
  • Academic Behavior: Physical activities improve academic behavior by promoting a positive range of behaviors such as organization, attendance, planning, scheduling, on-task behavior and more. Kids who engage in after-school physical activities enjoy superior allocation of neural resources for better working memory tasks in class.
  • Higher Attendance: Children who participate in any form of physical activity during school hours or after school are more likely to enjoy better health than those who are sedentary. Better heath translates into higher attendance and good grades in the long run.
  • Better Sleep: Sleep is crucial for optimal brain functioning as it affects how neurons interact and communicate with one another. Children who are physically active tend to enjoy better and deeper sleep which impacts their brains functioning and academic performance. They have reduced stress and anxiety levels and are calmer and more focused throughout their school hours.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Team work and competition are usually a part of physical activities. These skills also help in academics as they teach kids the value of setting goals and achieving them. They learn how to solve problems in order to get the desired result. This makes them more focused, consistent and resilient even in academics.
  • More Energy: Children who are engaged in one form of physical activity or the other are more energetic in the classroom. Physical activity rejuvenates the mind and body as a result of which children are fresher and more alert during their learning sessions. They have a better understanding and retention power of what is taught in class.
One of the best ways of encouraging children to be active is to engage them in an after-school club where a variety of physical activities are available for children of different age-groups. This will not only improve your child’s academic performance, but also his/her mental and emotional health. Physically active children are more engaged and motivated in the process of learning due to which they are more likely to get higher test scores and grades.

To know more about after-school activities for kids, visit Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas at 703 N 8th St Killeen, TX-76541 USA (Ph: 254-699-5808 Ext:102).

Life Enhancing Programs for Kids

Life enhancing programs such as those provided by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas help in exposing kids to essential life skills beyond academics. The programs train children to be self-sufficient, confident and resilient in the face of real life situations. They help children develop positive behaviors and leadership skills.

Listed below are the benefits of life enhancing programs for Kids:

  • Social Interaction: The programs teach children how to form positive interactions with different kinds of people. It helps them make friends and learn the value of team work when undertaking group tasks. These abilities make them confident while interacting with others and also help them understand other people’s perspectives.
  • Self-Reliance: Children are encouraged to be self-reliant at the clubs by completing tasks by themselves and taking responsibility for their actions. For example, programs like Passport to Manhood encourage young boys to participate in activities that make them more responsible and accountable for their actions.
  • Time-Management: Programs like Goals for Growth help kids learn how to complete tasks within a given time. Activities included are developing new skill sets, serving others, improving their school, self-improvement and more. They understand the value of allocating time for different activities throughout the day and completing the same within the given time.
  • Decision-Making: From an early age, it is important to guide children about the value of being able to make decisions as this will affect future decisions related to their careers and life. The programs offered help in instilling the value of decision making and teaching kids step by step how to make small decisions while progressing to bigger ones.
  • Financial Management: The best time to teach kids the basics of financial management is from the moment they can understand basics such as addition and subtraction. Through dynamic sessions, mentoring opportunities, field trips and participatory activities at the club, children are encouraged to learn the importance of budgeting and saving.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: The club offers programs like the SMART Moves program (Skills Mastery and Resilience Training) for helping members develop assertiveness, refusal skills, role playing and engaging in responsible behavior. This helps them overcome peer pressure and develop self-control when faced with situations that are not in their best interest.
  • Learn the Value of Healthy Habits: The healthy lifestyle programs offered at the club help children learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Interactive sessions that consist of activities and discussions that reinforce healthy habits are held. Children are given tips and lessons on physical fitness, healthy food choices, mental health, positive relationships and developing positive recreational habits.
Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas offers life enhancing programs such as good character and citizenship and healthy lifestyle programs. Details about what each program consists of can be found on the club’s website.

Promoting Active Lifestyle Among Kids

An active lifestyle for kids is a precursor to a happy and healthy life as adults. The best way to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits in kids is to start early, preferably in school. This can be done by enrolling your child in an after school club where a variety of activities and programs are held for the overall development of children.

Listed below are some ways with which children can be encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle along with excelling at academics:

  • Join an After-School Club: An after-school club is the best place for your child to get active under the supervision of professionals. A good club is one that provides a fulfilling experience for young children and encourages them to follow their passion. Look for a club that provides programs related to academics, character, citizenship and healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Encourage Outdoor Activities: Encourage your child to spend more time outside away from screens and activities that are sedentary in nature. Consider making a schedule wherein you allocate some time to activities like swimming, voluntary work, playing in the park and so on. If you are consistent with this, it will soon become your child’s habit and he/she will seek the outdoors more often.
  • Social Interaction with Peers: Engage your child in activities that promote peer interaction and team spirit. For example, enroll your child in a favourite sport or hobby that involves other children. If your child is passionate about the activity, he/she will be zealous when undertaking it and in the process remain active in a healthy way.
  • Provide a Safe Environment: It is very important to provide a safe environment for children to do things they love and remain active. One of the safest options is an after-school club near you that provides different activities for kids of all age-groups in a safe and secure environment. You can leave your child at the club knowing that he/she is in safe hands.
  • Be a Role Model: Children learn best by example so if you want your child to be active, model the same behavior. Teach your child the importance of discipline, time management and consistency. If there is a healthy habit that you want your child to adopt, show him/her that you can do it too. For example, if you want your child to exercise daily, make sure you do the same too.
Visit Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas for wide range of activities for kids. For more information, call at 254-699-5808