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Benefits Of Fine Arts For Kids

Kids start painting and drawing from a very young age. They use art to express emotions and various feelings. It is also widely used in schools specifically pre-schools and kindergartens to teach children how to read and write. Art provide kids with critical thinking skills and a way to release their stress. Engaging children in art activities help them to thrive in all the aspects of life. It results in their healthy mental growth and boost creativity.  

Listed below are some fine arts activities and the benefits each serve.


Painting and drawing is loved by small kids. It is a form of fun and entertainment for them. It is the best tool for kids with autism and other disabilities, who find difficulty in communicating with others. With the help of painting they can easily communicate their emotions and feelings. It also boost imagination, regulate hand movements and strengthen their fine motor skills. Painting eliminates any chance of developing memory loss illness and promotes an optimistic attitude.


Sculpting helps in calming kids with high activity levels. Kids do not express anger or frustration during sculpting because the clay is flexible and they can turn it into anything they want. It also help them to follow and remember specific techniques. The professionals at art classes give kids different pottery tools and directions about how to use such things. Kids make sure that they remember everything and follow the given directions closely. It also helps them in understanding the shape, form and perspective.


Printmaking is also an interesting way through which kids can show their artistic side. The kids learn a disciplined form of art as printmaking involves different methods and techniques. It refines the movement of their muscles and enhance creativity.

Collage making

Encouraging your kid to participate in activities like collage making can really help in boosting his imagination and for developing fine motor skills. It will also teach him how to use old things to create something good out of it. Through collage making kids connect meanings to different shapes and colors. This shows their highly creative side as well as offers opportunity for self expression. They experiment with different patterns and styles to achieve perfection.  

Different art forms and activities are not only fun but are also helpful for overall development of a child. Let your kid decide which art activity he is interested in and is right to discover his true potential.

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, organize an array of art programs for kids of all age groups. For more information, you can call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Digital Art Courseware For Kids

As the world is advancing at a fast pace, even art is going digital. Latest technology is being used to showcase creativity in its best form. Web designing, photo illustration, music technology etc. are some new fields which have gained popularity these days. They help to make kids proficient in computers and stay updated with advanced software.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas is a leading club that offers digital art courseware for kids. It consists of the following programs:  

  • Design Tech: Kids are taught to learn artistic concepts and create animated videos. They even learn graphic designing.
  • Photo Tech: Through this program, kids learn to capture high quality photographs. They use different types of software to edit pictures. Kids can also acquire the skill of applying image filters and layering.   
  • Music Tech: It is a great platform where kids are allowed to compose and record songs. They are also made to understand the music theory.
  • Movie Tech : Gaining a thorough knowledge of screenplay writing, filming and editing digital movies can be helpful for the kids and open the path to a successful career.
Benefits Of Digital Arts:

  • Explore new career options: Digital arts is a combination of traditional art skills and new media applications. It offers various career opportunities for kids as they can become animators, web designers, photographers, game developers, creative directors etc. based on the skills they possess.  They can even work in advertizing and multimedia firms. This can lead them to a bright future ahead.
  • Makes learning fun: Digital arts involve the use of various innovative techniques. Kids can experiment and explore various drawing as well as painting options.  This helps to enhance creativity and make learning a better experience for them.
  • Self-directed learning: There are various software which allows the kids to check their mistakes and easily rectify them. This helps them in becoming self-directed learners and accomplish their goals.  
Digital arts is a great platform to gain knowledge and hone various skills. It enhances the imagination and helps the kids to think out of the box which makes them stand out of the crowd. This improves their self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you want to make your kid a digital artist, you can consider enrolling him to Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas. For more information about the kids activities offered by the club, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Fun Dental Activities For Kids

Maintaining oral health is important to avoid any tooth problems and ensure fewer visits to the dentist. When it comes to dental care, the earlier you start the better it is. Kids should be taught about the benefits of brushing and other healthy practices such as flossing that prolongs the life of their teeth. There are a number of fun activities for kids that can make dental care interesting. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • Dental Health Programs: Certain kids clubs organize dental health programs. Their aim is to educate the kids about the importance of keeping the teeth clean. They teach them the overall health benefits of maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Demonstrate To Teach: To make learning interactive, you can use various methods to demonstrate the importance of teeth. Use an apple and prick it with a needle to explain how cavities damage the tooth till the roots. Teachers and parents can show them how to properly brush the teeth.
  • Count Them All: Educate the kids about the number of teeth they have by making them count their own. Then show them through illustrations that an adult has 28 to 32 teeth, which once fallen will not grow back. This not only fascinates the kids but they may also get encouraged to take better care of their teeth even when they grow up.
  • Learning Through Coloring: To make the kids familiar with the tooth’s anatomy, you can draw the teeth in different sizes on a sheet and ask the kids to color them. It will help them to understand how the tooth looks. You can also make the kids differentiate between the shapes of the teeth and teach them the various uses of those located in the front as well as back of the mouth.
  • Learn Through The Alphabets: You can draw the teeth on a chalk board to teach the kids about cavities and importance of brushing. Cover the teeth with colored alphabets to demonstrate candies and germs. Hand the kid with a duster which is meant to act like a tooth brush. Guide him to erase them one by one to have shiny clean teeth.  
The above mentioned activities can teach the kids to keep their teeth clean and free from cavities. Inculcate healthy activities in your kids’ routine like brushing twice a day and avoiding sticky, sweet foods. The better they care, the stronger teeth they will have.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas offers a wide range of programs to enhance health and life skills of kids. For more information, feel free to call us at (254) 699 – 5808.

Kid Friendly Activities In Texas

All parents want to ensure an all-round development of their child. For this, enrolling him in various kid friendly activities can be a good option. These activities offer a broad spectrum of benefits such as instilling confidence, building character and improving the fitness level of kids. They can also help to explore your child’s hidden potential and helping him choose the right career option.

Listed below are some of the kid friendly activities organized at clubs in Texas:

Career awareness programs
A variety of programs focus on helping the child to develop his academic goals. The idea is to involve him in activities that match his interests. For example, a child aspiring to be a software engineer can enroll in a computer program. He can learn programming and software to further evolve his interest in computers. Kids interested in banking and business can indulge in monetary games such as managing a virtual bank account. They can also take part in more than one career oriented activities in order to identify their interests.

Health and fitness Programs
In order to promote healthy living, fitness and oral hygiene, a wide range of programs are offered by the kids clubs in Texas. They organize dental care workshops as well as create awareness regarding substance abuse such as the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. They incorporate a sense of responsibility in kids by inspiring them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A platform for the young artists
For kids who are more inclined towards arts, a number of painting exhibitions, photography contests, music camps etc. are organized to let them showcase their talent. These programs aim to encourage kids to pursue arts as a career option. The young artists also get to showcase their acting skills through drama and theater.  

Sports and recreational programs
These programs encourage participation in a number of sports such as football and basketball. Swimming competitions, cheerleading and sports leagues are a great way to promote physical fitness in kids. These activities offer a blend of benefits, such as developing a sense of team spirit, making them responsible and developing leadership qualities in the kids.

Character building programs
These programs are designed to encourage kids to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This helps them to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them. Kids are also encouraged to indulge in group activities such as community service that require showcasing their leadership qualities. It promotes self-esteem in kids and ensures personal improvement.
The various activities discussed above ensure a multi-dimensional growth of the kids. They serve as a platform for young actors, talented artists, future leaders, aspiring business tycoons as well as skilled engineers.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas offers a wide range of fun and educational activities for kids of all age groups. For more information, feel free to call us at (254) 699 – 5808.

Outdoor Kids Activities For Winters

Outdoor activities have various benefits for kids. However, as most people prefer keeping the kids indoors during winters, the intake of fresh air becomes comparatively less. Stepping out into the chilly weather can be quite helpful, as it helps to increase the physical activity in the lazy winter months and improve their overall health.

Apart from good physical and mental health, kids can also have a great vacation by taking part in outdoor activities in winters. So bundle up, cover yourself and boost your immune system by indulging in the outdoor activities listed below:

Snowboarding & Skiing

Apart from building a snowman and fighting in the snow, skiing and snowboarding are the most commonly preferred winter sports. You can simply rent some sporting and safety gear and head out to the nearest mountain. There are specific ski stations as well where you can spend a great time with your kids.

Ice skating

Just like snowboarding and skiing, ice skating is another fun-filled activity that can serve as a great weekend solution in winter-season. In case you are looking for a thrilling experience, and you have a skating champion at home then ice skating it the thing for him.


An all season activity, camping in winters can be quite fun. All you need is some warm clothes, a cap and a cozy sleeping bag. Sitting around a bonfire and roasting some food on the fire is perfect for spending memorable time with family. Kids can learn a number of life-hacks through camping like setting up a tent, starting a fire and cooking. Share some scary stories, sing songs and have a fun evening in the warmth of the fire.

Hiking & Trekking

For a health boosting outdoor activity, traversing in the lap of nature can be highly satisfying and beneficial for physical as well as mental development of the kids. Simply carry a backpack and go uphill to experience nature’s tranquility. Kids can gain knowledge about a number of wild flowers, insects and a variety of birds. Carrying a camera can help budding photographers to click some breathtaking photographs that can be cherished for years to come.

Sports: Football & Basketball

These are all season sports and help kids learn team spirit as well as overall health. It helps burn calories, which becomes quite difficult in the winter months. Kids get to improve their motor skills and concentration by practicing these sports. Apart from being a great way to increase bone strength, football and basketball can boost the immune system as well. Parents can teach self-discipline to their kids by encouraging them to take part in sports. Since, these type of sports require vigorous activity, it can aid burning calories which in turn keep the body warm during winters.


For a solo activity, biking can be a great sport. It is a great cardio exercise and improves bone-strength. Biking aids physical growth and helps to develop stronger leg muscles. Parents can also accompany their kids to the biking trails in order to enjoy the beauty of nature together. It helps to lower stress and greatly improves mood.

Winters are expected to be cozy and lazy, but a little physical activity on a regular basis can help keep the kids active as well as in good health. Kids can spend their leisure hours by indulging in the outdoor activities listed above. Parents can also accompany the kids in activities like biking, hiking and trekking to build stronger bonds.

Drama Classes- Benefits For Kids

Schools emphasize on a child’s ability to learn, read and write. There is no doubt that these basic skills are important, but communication skills must be given equal importance. Some children have the natural gift of being outspoken, whereas others may require a fairly good amount of appreciation and practice to develop their speech skills.

Being good at communication helps to make new friends, stand out in the crowd and become the teachers’ favorite. These reasons are enough to validate why drama classes are so important for kids with or without effective communication skills.

Drama teaches kids to speak clearly, loudly and with confidence. It also makes them more expressive and confident. They learn to maintain eye contact while speaking, instead of displaying those nervous mannerisms like looking at their feet or scratching their head.

Discussed below are some of the techniques which kids can learn through drama classes:

  • Use of tongue twisters and raps. The drama teachers know how to encourage clear diction. They make use of these warm up exercises to improve kids’ speech delivery.
  • How you say it matters too. To train the kids to be firm while speaking, certain games or discussions are included ‘in-between’ practice. These games help the kid to keep his opinion without any hesitation.
  • Role play. Drama requires kids to enact situations they have never faced before. This gives them experience and equips them for the life outside the school.

These techniques pour-in a number of benefits for kids engaged with drama. Some of the benefits have been discussed below:

  • Freedom of self-expression. Drama is a blend of facial expressions, voice modulation and body language. Kids can benefit by taking these skills beyond stage and using them in general communication. Ability to express is an art and kids learn this art profusely with drama.
  • Drama gives wings to your kid’s imagination. While portraying a character on stage, the kid’s imagination plays a huge role. It adds depth to a role and helps the child to perform better. This increases his creativity and helps him to perform better.
  • Confidence. There is no doubt that performing on stage is a confidence booster. Bringing out the emotions, delivering the dialogues with finesse and receiving applauds is enough to feel confident.
  • Team work. Drama helps to develop team spirit. Introvert kids can also face the audience better through drama. They can make new friends, have a bigger social circle and learn how to respect by working with elders and more talented people.
All in all, drama is a fun activity which helps to bring out hidden talents and also makes you popular!

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, organize TNT DramaMatters Afterschool, a drama education program for kids of all age groups. For more information, call us at (254) 699 – 5808.

How Kids Benefit From After-School Programs In Texas?

Kids these days are often glued to the television sets, computers, cell phones etc. Thus, parents need to encourage them to indulge in activities that can foster their physical and mental development. Getting the kids enrolled in after-school activities is also a good way to help kids utilize their time and also enhance their skills.

Listed below are some benefits of after-school activities:

  • Explore the hidden talent of kids:  After-school activities can be beneficial in bringing out the hidden potential of your kid. Whether your kid is good at soccer or he is fond of painting, he can choose an activity that interests him. Some of the activities offered in after-school programs are dance, swimming, soccer, cheerleading, basketball etc.
  • Physical activities: Childhood obesity is one of the most rising issues these days. Hence, enrolling the kids in physical activities can help them channelize their energy in an effective manner. It can also improve their overall health. 
  • Inculcating healthy eating habits: Various child care centers organize programs to create awareness about healthy eating habits among kids.  The instructors guide them about the benefits of taking a nutritious diet. Thus, inculcating healthy habits in the kids from a very young age. 
  • Leadership skills: Sports and team building activities help to develop leadership skills among kids. Participating in student council or taking charge of supervision of activities can give the kids a raw experience of life outside the classroom. This can help to prepare the kids for college and professional life.
  • Creativity: For young artists, after school activities serve as a platform to show their out-of-the- box creativity. Kids can indulge in activities such as painting, drawing, photography etc. They can also be encouraged to participate in Arts/ Crafts fundraisers and exhibitions.
  • Time management. This is one of the most important skills that can be acquired through after-school activities. Kids learn how to create a balance between academics, sports, hobbies and self-study. 
  • Lowers stress. Learning a new skill helps to instill self-confidence among kids. Kids who do well in school teams have an elevated self-esteem. This encourages them to be out spoken and also helps them deal with behavioral problems as well.
Thus, after-school activities are fun and exciting. They help the kids with character building and prepares them for their professional life.  

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, organize a wide range of kids’ activities in Killeen, TX. For more information you can call at (254) 699 – 5808.

Cheerleading: Yells, Chants, Cheers And Fun!!

Cheerleading is one of the most fabulous sports for kids which has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Cheerleaders boost up energy in the team and make the game even more interesting. The activity offers not only physical but various mental benefits for the kids. It is a great source of relaxation and channelizes the energy in a positive manner. Though becoming a cheerleader can be challenging, it has several advantages as well.       

Let's take a look at some of the advantages of enrolling your kid in a cheerleading program:

Helps in strength building

It requires a great amount of physical strength to perform tumbling and tossing. Lower body, shoulder and core muscles need to be very strong. They need to have a balanced control to bear the weight of the teammates while performing lifts. Cheerleading involves a wide range of physical activities such as tumbling, dancing, jumping etc. It acts a great cardio workout and helps in maintaining overall physical fitness of the kid.  It also builds stamina and physical endurance among the cheerleaders.

Increases flexibility

High kick baskets and jumps in cheerleading require a lot of flexibility. Thus, cheerleaders perform stretching exercises before and after the practice. This not only enhances mobility but also improves their posture. The warmup exercises strengthen the spine and reduce the chances of suffering from any muscle strains or sprains while performing. Having an increased flexibility is also known to be beneficial in decreasing stress levels in kids.

Boosts confidence

Performing in front of a large audience as well as receiving appreciation in the form of applauses can reduce stage-fear in kids.  Also, learning a new skill makes them stay ahead of the peers and enhances their self-esteem. It gives them a boost to perform their daily activities in a better way. There’s more to it, the thought of motivating the team can also boost self-confidence and imbibe optimism in the kids which can help them to achieve their goals.   

Enhances team building skills

Cheerleading is the best way of fostering relationships and enhancing team building skills. Motivating the team through ups and down helps in social interaction and is a great way to connect with other members. Cheerleaders always encourage their team to win and stay united.  They help in creating a positive environment and also enhance the social as well as leadership skills among the players. It helps in building trust among team members which is essential to ensure safety of all during the performance.  

Improves coordination

Cheerleading is an activity that is based on timing and rhythm. Since it requires to follow certain sequences and beats, cheerleaders can improve her body control, concentration as well as balance through the activity. For a good performance they need to be in tune with the other team members. Thus, practising this activity on a regular basis can help to improve coordination skills. Cheerleaders will become more disciplined by following a fixed schedule and paying attention to the instructor.  

Means of socialization

It is a perfect way to socialize as it provides the chance to meet other kids having similar interests. It helps in making new friends and improving social skills. Cheerleading is a fun activity which reduces depression and anxiety. It provides a break from the monotonous life and revitalizes energy. It not only helps in leading an active lifestyle but also prepares the cheerleaders to face new challenges.  

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, organize cheerleading programs for kids of age 7-12 years. The instructors at our club are well trained and provide personalized attention to each kid.  Registrations are open in July-August every year. For enrollment, you need to bring your kid’s birth certificate or Mil. ID. Candidates must live in KISD area or attend KISD schools. The participation fee is $25 and includes the rent of the uniform. For more information, you can call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX - 76541.

Basketball: Health Benefits For Kids

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the USA and offers a myriad of benefits of the children. As a result, many parents are enrolling their kids in the basketball leagues offered by the kids clubs in Texas. Getting your child learn basketball skills at a young age not only develops his basic coordination and team-building skills, but also lay the foundation for a physically active life. The continuous shooting, dribbling, passing and rebounding are a great form of exercise and help the players stay fit.

Given below are some of the health benefits kids can have by enrolling in a basketball league:

Builds Endurance

Basketball is a high intensity sport that can help the players to build endurance and improve cardiovascular health. The running, jumping and dribbling are a good workout for the entire body, which boosts aerobic capacity, energy levels as well as metabolism. Endurance building also keeps the heart healthy and reduce the risk of heart problems later in life.

Improves Strength And Motor Skills

Complete motor control is essential to pass and shoot the ball with precision during the game.  Repetitive practice enables the children to gain more control over their muscle forces and body movements. Strength training exercises are aimed at building deltoids, trapezii, neck, lower back and core muscles so that the player can defend himself when the opponent pushes against him. Shooting and running increase leg strength while dribbling builds up the muscles of hand, arm as well as wrist.

Burns Calories

Playing basketball gives you a high impact aerobics exercise that helps to burn a lot of calories. All the running, jumping and lateral movements involved in the game are a fun way to promote physical activity as well as keep childhood obesity at bay. An hour of basketball can burn around 600 to 900 calories, depending upon the weight of the child and intensity of the game.

Increases Ankle Stability

The game involves several movements that work to increase the strength of the lower limbs. Pivoting, multi-directional running, twisting, back and forth movements etc. employ the muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as other structures surrounding the ankle joint. When kids participate in basketball leagues, they are trained to maintain the stability of the ankle to maintain balance during all these movements. It not only increases joint stability but also reduces the risk of injuries.  

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas organizes different basketball leagues for kids of 2nd to 6th grade. For details about the enrollment procedure, you can call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit the kids club at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541. 

After-School Activities In Texas

After-school activities have various physical, social and mental benefits for kids. These activities not only improve their academic performance but also assist in exploring their hidden potential and building leadership skills among children.

There are many kids clubs in Texas offering an interesting mix of options for after-school activities. Depending on the interest of your child, you can enroll him in any activity such as sports, art and craft, health and hygiene or tutoring program.

Discussed below are some of the benefits of after-school activities for kids:

  • Help in keeping children physically fit: After-school activities are a great way to help the children in improving their physical fitness. These days, most kids spend a lot of time in front of electronic gadgets and refrain from going outdoors. However, enrolling your children in a sports program will not only keep them physically fit but also promote teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Develop creativity: Some of the most interesting after-school activities involve art and craft as well as music. The activities give a creative outlet to children and allow them to express their emotions, utilize their curiosity in a productive manner and develop problem solving skills. By discovering their hidden talents and abilities, children gain a lot of confidence which is a crucial aspect of personality development.
  • Build self-esteem: After-school activities provide the children a great opportunity to hone their skills in a relaxed setting without any pressure. Getting a grip on new things and mastering them makes children more confident and builds their self-esteem. This is a useful personality trait which proves to be very beneficial in the future.
  • Release stress: Children can often get stressed due to the academics or peer pressure at school. After-school activities are performed in a relaxed environment where there is no such pressure on the kids. They are allows to be their own self and do what they want to. This releases stress and calms the mind so that children can learn new things more easily. They develop social skills and shed their inhibitions by interacting with other kids.
  • Inculcate teamwork: After-school activities make the kids realize the importance of teamwork. They also learn important lessons about sportsmanship spirit and healthy competition. Children also understand that participation is more important than winning and they should take defeat in their stride. Giving their best performance is more important without worrying about the result.
  • Improve academic performance: Involvement in after-school activities also helps in improving grades and overall academic performance. The general behavior and work habits of children tend to show a positive growth as a result of engaging in extracurricular activities.
Enroll your child in the after-school activities organized at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas for his overall development. We offer various educational, art, sports, character and leadership programs for kids aged 6 to 18 years. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 5808.