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Tips To Find The Right Summer Camp For Your Child

Summer camps help kids learn new skills, become independent and make new friends. They also offer an opportunity to experience memorable moments that they can cherish lifelong. The camps can build their overall personality and is the best utilization of their free time during the summer break. After weighing all the options, parents must encourage their children to make the best of their time at the camp.

Following are some tips that may help the parents to choose the right summer camp for their kids:

  • Consider the interests of the child: It is best to sit down with the child and know what kind of activities he is looking forward to in his summer break. Depending on his interests and expectations, you should shortlist from the many options available. A camp that offers what a child will enjoy will help him learn faster.
  • Is the camp accredited by American Camp Association (ACA): ACA approves camps on the basis of over 300 must-comply factors related with safety, hygiene, staff to kids’ ratio etc. If the camp is accredited, you can rest assured about the safety and benefit of your child.
  • Type of camps: There are day camps and overnight stay-away camps. You should discuss with the child what he/she is comfortable in. Some camps focus on a single activity and others offer a variety of programs. 
  • Cost of the camp: The duration, activities and facilities are some such factors which parents must evaluate before making up your mind. The cost may vary according to the activities offered in the camp. You may also look for discounts offered like early bird reservations, referral or sibling discounts.
  • Location: Decide if you would like to keep kids closer to home or you are fine with sending them far away. For overnight camps, the location becomes an even important factor as the beauty of the place and comfort levels of the terrain may affect one’s choice.
  • Make all inquiries: You must not hesitate in making all the inquiries over a phone call before making any decision. It is recommended to ask the camp organizer about the composition of other students attending (age group, gender ratio etc.), the experience of the staff, activities planned for the camp, etc.
If you are looking for a fun and exciting summer camp for your kids, consider Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas. We organize residential summer break camp for middle school students. For details about registration, feel free to call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Sports And Recreation Activities For Kids In Central Texas

Sports and recreation activities are beneficial for the kids as it not only reduces the boredom but also improves their health. Participating in such activities enhances the self-esteem of the kids as whenever they get appreciation from their coaches, they feel encouraged which helps in building self-confidence. These activities help a child to become creative and give him a chance to meet new people.

Sports Activities:

  • Basketball:  The game helps in building strength and overall health of kids. It is a great source to channelize their energy in a productive way. Since shooting the ball in the basket requires a lot of physical and mental power, the sport helps in improving the concentration of the kids.
  • Cheerleading: The activity not only instills the spirit of team work but provides relaxation to the kids. They also learn coordination and leadership skills. Cheerleading enhances physical endurance and muscle flexibility among kids.
  • Football: This game involves a lot of running, so it is an effective way to build stamina. As the players have to take quick decisions on field, the game helps in improving their cognitive abilities as well. 
  • Swimming: It is a sports activity that builds endurance, muscle strength and improve cardiovascular fitness among kids. Swimming helps in improving posture and minimizes water related accidents. Obesity can also be reduced if the kids practice this activity regularly.  
Recreation activities:

Besides sports activities, kids can also participate in various recreational activities such as music, photography, drama, painting etc. These activities provide relaxation to mind and body. They also have a positive impact on academic performance of a child.

  • Music: Music therapy enhances communication and non-verbal skills of a child. It reduces anxiety and stress hormone levels. Kids involved in this activity usually have a higher concentration power.
  • Photography: The activity helps in improving visual skills and inculcates a sense of creativity in kids. They get a chance to be aware about latest camera technology. Learning this also allows them to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings. 
  • Drama: When a child performs in front of a huge audience, it gives a boost to his self-confidence. Drama programs help them in understanding their own emotions and expressing themselves in a better way. It is the best means to showcase your potential to rest of the world.    
We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, offer various sports and recreational activities for kids. For details about registration, you can call at (254) 699-5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.  

How Playing Multiple Sports Is Good For Your Kids?

Encouraging kids to play sports is essential for their fitness and overall development. Parents these days are increasingly realizing the importance of sports as a good recreational and physical activity. When children are exposed to sports at an early age, it helps in laying the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. However, focusing all the energy on developing skills in a single sport may not be a good idea.

Following are some reasons why kids must be encouraged to play multiple sports:

  • Identify Their Interests: Introducing kids to more and more sports activities will help them recognize what suits their interests and skills best. If they go on playing just one sport in which they are not able to perform up to the mark, they may lose interest and give up with time.
  • Avoid Exhaustion: Not forcing the child to specialize in one game also reduces the stress of undergoing strict professional training. Focusing excessively on the same sport may be overwhelming and may exhaust the child physically as well as mentally. Taking a break by switching to some other sport can make the child feel less pressured and enjoy the games to the fullest.
  • Opportunity To Learn: When a child learns a new sport and acquires skills to master it, he is able to gather many new experiences. He learns to alter physical and mental skills to adapt to the requirements of different sports. Playing multiple sports also gives an all-round experience. Alternating between single player and team sports gives him the opportunities to apply strategies to win on their own as well as for the team.
  • Improve Physical Strength: Playing different kind of sports makes one physically stronger and agile. There are many sports that require the same set of strength while others may put totally different physical demands on the body. Playing a variety of sports can build all-round muscle strength so that the kids turn into better athletes.
  • Enhance Social Skills: Kids also get to meet different people, coaches and team mates if they are playing different games. They enjoy more as they are not always practicing alone or with the same set of people. They get to learn from diverse mindsets and under different styles of guidance.
We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, offer a wide range of sports activities for kids of all age groups. For more information, you can call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

The Many Benefits Of Summer Camps For Kids

Summer camps are an ideal learning experience for kids as they learn to live life to the fullest. Such camps also help in nourishing their souls and make them grow into better individuals. It is the responsibility of every parent to enroll their children in a summer camp because the benefits associated with such a camp are aplenty. Some of these are:

  • Ample physical activity: These days most of the children prefer playing games on the gadgets rather than venturing out in the open. A summer camp provides them an opportunity to get involved in various physical activities. They can perform fun activities such as running, swimming, hiking etc. This makes them physically fit and active.
  • Build self-confidence: Going to a camp helps in building their self-confidence by providing them with diverse opportunities to succeed. The activities they perform at a camp are entirely different from their regular school curriculum. This helps them explore various facets of their personality and boosts self-esteem.
  • Make friends for a lifetime: Children get the opportunity to make new friends during a camp. They get to relax without any social expectations and this encourages development of new bonds. All the fun camping activities such as singing, talking as well as playing helps children come closer and become the best of friends.
  • Gives a break from technology: Kids learn to get involved in the real world while staying in a camp. They hang out far away from the virtual world of Internet, computer, TV and smartphones. Encountering real life situations in the camp nurtures their creative juices and helps them discover their potential.
  • Increases independence: A camp is the perfect destination for kids to imbibe decision-making skills. They do not have their parents or teachers to guide at every step and this makes them become more independent. A camp provides kids with the freedom of making choices which enhances their personality.
  • Promotes flexibility: The setting and environment in a camp helps the children in becoming pros at bearing setbacks. They try and learn new things while enjoying in the camp. They face failure which helps them to learn how to endure disappointment. Camps help them conquer their fears and this is one of the greatest lessons to be learnt in life.
  • Imbibes social skills: A summer camp is a warm and close-knit community where children are required to respect and co-operate with each other. Staying together with other kids helps them discover the power of communication. They also learn to sort out their differences in an amicable way without creating any unpleasant situation.
We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, organize summer camp for middle school kids. For details about the registration process, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Drama Lessons For Kids In Texas

While everyday teaching focuses mostly on imparting reading and writing skills in children, it is equally important to turn them into good orators. Effective communication is a key aspect of being successful in life or expanding the social circle. Perhaps this is the reason why learning drama is crucial for the overall personality development of any child.

Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas offers drama lessons for kids of all age groups. As a parent, you must enroll your child to be a part of this fun learning activity. Drama has various benefits to offer:

  • Children learn newer ways of communication: When a child participates in dramatics, he gets to know different ways of expressing and communicating himself. The children are encouraged to express themselves verbally along with using their facial expressions and body language. Their speech also becomes fluent and lucid gradually, which increases their self-confidence.
  • Promotes imaginative skills: Drama helps in churning their creative juices, thereby making them explore their imagination. Kids are able to respond imaginatively and provide solutions to a range of make-believe problems. Kids also begin to see things from different perspectives and generate fresh ideas.
  • Kids make new friends: When children go to a drama class, they interact with so many other kids of similar age group. Knowing and interacting with new kids helps them to learn and grow in life.
  • Helps in understanding body language: When children perform in a drama class, they get to pick up subtle cues from the other person’s body language. They are also taught to maintain eye contact which helps in better interaction.
  • Prepares the kids for unseen situations: Most of the drama lessons include role-play where children are asked to act out situations which they might not have experienced before. This prepares them for the future where they might have to encounter something similar. For instance, children get equipped with the requisite communication skills to deal with different life situations.
  • Drama teaches empathy: Empathy is a virtue that needs to be cultivated during the growing years. One of the most important aspects of drama is that it teaches empathy. Drama requires children to be put into situations where they need to be involved physically, mentally and emotionally. This helps them in understanding emotions and experience how a person would feel if he is faced with a certain situation.
To enroll your kids in the drama lessons offered by Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Teach Your Kids To Be Digital Artists

With the advent of technology, newer channels are being developed to express creativity and showcase it in front of the whole world. One of the most recent mediums that are becoming widely popular to display thoughts and experiences is ‘Digital Art’.

Digital art has various forms such as graphic design, videography, photo illustration, web page design, special effects etc. This field offers bright career prospects and therefore it is important that you encourage your kids to widen their interest in the digital arts arena. There are kids clubs in Texas that organize digital arts programs for kids to hone their talent.

There are a plethora of career options in digital arts. Your child can become an animator, a cartoonist, web designer, photographer, multimedia artist etc. The scope is endless and fresh career opportunities are being added every now and then. Parents and teachers can make the child a digital artist by supporting his inventiveness and creativity. Following is a list of some steps that you can consider:

  • Make your children join a kids club: A large number of kids clubs organize special workshops pertaining to Digital Art. They offer programs in subjects such as web page design, graphic designing, photo illustration etc. You should get your kids enrolled in one such club so that they can start utilizing their creative skills in the subject of Digital Arts.
  • Encourage your child to do drawing: During pre-school, you should encourage your kids to draw or paint and expand their imagination. Drawing is very helpful for the kids as it not only boosts their confidence but also improves their motor skills. It also makes them inclined towards digital arts when they grow up. The same thing is applicable for teachers who can push the child towards getting better at his art work.
  • Display your child’s art work: There are many online platforms where you can display and promote your child’s work of digital art. A number of websites have digital museums where digital art works of kids can be uploaded by the parents and teachers for everyone to view. Positive feedback will motivate your child to take up a career in this field.
  • Introduce your children to comics: Comics are a great way of introducing your children to storytelling and churning their creative juices. They help the kids develop visual literacy and aid them in understanding a story by joining visual elements. This is an intrinsic aspect of digital arts where you have to convey something through your designs and illustrations.
We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, offer various digital arts programs for kids of different age groups. For more information, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Benefits Of Playing A Musical Instrument

In today’s times, when children have various options in the name of recreation, it is essential that we channelize their interests and curiosity in the right direction. Music is a de-stressing skill which will not only help your child at the development stage but also aid him lifelong.

Here are some benefits of learning to play a musical instrument:

  • Builds discipline: Learning any musical instrument requires practice. Regular and dedicated practice is possible in a strict routine and kids thus, invariably learn to be more disciplined. They will also learn to value time and be patient as they will be given lessons which they need to practice at home. Perfecting an instrument is years of perseverance, which is a good lesson for growing children.
  • Cultivates good social behavior: If kids are learning in a group, they need to keep pace with their peers- slow down or build up their speed on the instrument as per the group’s pace. They also interact, share notes and learn from each other, hence picking up essential social skills.
  • Behavioral benefits: A child who is working on acquiring a skill will be smarter and more confident than his peers. The sense of achievement and constant practice will help the child in accepting criticism positively and becoming a better person.
  • Boosts self esteem: While they are learning an instrument, kids get both positive and negative feedback. It helps them to polish their art and when they overcome a difficult phase, they get immense boost to their self esteem. A constant urge to keep improving and then getting praised for it is good for any child’s confidence levels.
  • Opens up their mind to different cultures: Music is also a good way to expose children to world music. By knowing about various instruments that are specific to various cultures (Bongo in Cuba or Tabla from India), kids can learn about countries and people they may not have heard before.
  • Helps academically: Music is all about patterns, rhythms, beats and scales. As they learn more, they need to have a sharp memory to come out with right tunes or lyrics. Laws of physics are applied too in string instruments like violin or guitar as children learn to pluck the strings. Hence, broadly academics and music are somewhat connected.
  • Builds physical abilities: Coordination and motor skills are definitely being put to use while playing any instrument. Instruments like percussion or drums are meant for high energy kids as they require using both hands and feet. Coordination skills and mind-body synchronization are essential for any instrument hence kids become more physically active.
One way of developing the interest of your child in music instrument is to expose to them to one or two first and then see where their preference lies. Make them talk to the instructor so they feel comfortable and get to know of the benefits.

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas organize music camps for kids of all age-groups. The camp includes various activities like learning musical instruments, writing lyrics and writing music under the supervision of professional artists and poets. For more information, call us at (254) 699-5808.

Ideas To Keep Kids Active This Winter

As the winter months set in, it becomes more important for the kids to stay physically active. Colder temperatures and shorter days compel them to stay indoors, making it difficult to play sports, run around and indulge in recreational outdoor activities. Parents must ensure that the kids get sufficient exercise and physical activity required during their growing years. It will not only improve their overall health, but also help them sleep better, develop learning skills, boost energy levels and enhance concentration.

Given below are some fun activities that can help your kids keep their minds active and engaged during winters:

  • Board Games: There can be no better way than board games to keep your kids’ mind active during the winter months. Look for the ones that are a bit challenging for their intellectual level and require them to stimulate their brain power in order to win.
  • Video Games: Though parents must limit the amount of screen time, playing video games occasionally can be actually beneficial for the kids. There are many games like tennis, basketball, bowling etc. which rely on exergaming, i.e. that players have to make body movements to control their virtual racket and ball. Hence, your kids can easily get the physical activity they need without having to go outdoors.
  • Indoor Sports: If your kid is really into sports, you can look for some indoor activities such as gymnastics, indoor soccer, bowling, martial arts etc. Swimming lessons are also a good indoor activity as well as cardiovascular workout for kids.
  • Dance Party: Throwing a living room dance party can be a good physical activity for the kids. Let your child select the music of his choice and come up with innovative dance steps to encourage participation.
  • Join A Kids Club: Enrolling your child in a local kids club can also be a great means of recreation during winters. Look for a club that offers various academic and co-curricular activities. These may include tutoring help, arts, computer classes, sports leagues etc. Let your kid join the programs of his interest so his afterschool hours can be utilized in a productive manner.
We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, offer a wide range of kids activities in Killeen, TX. Our programs are aimed at overall physical and intellectual development of kids aged 6 to 18 years. For more information, feel free to call us at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit the club at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Creative Activities For Kids In Texas

Kids are imaginative thinkers and creative activities play a vital role in their overall development. Parents and teachers must encourage children to participate in activities involving imaginative thinking. There are many activities that can enhance their creative abilities and give them a fun way to learn constructively about the world around them.

Following are some creative activity ideas for kids:

  • Art and Craft: Let the kids explore colors, designs and create a world of their own. For instance, you can show them how to make greeting cards for their family or friends. This will help them gain confidence and express their feelings. Activities like origami, Ikebana and collage making are also fun ways to keep the kids creatively engaged.
  • Dance and Music: Dance is one activity that is enjoyed by children of all age groups. Singing or playing musical instruments also excite the kids and make them more creative. Solo or group activities around music always encourage participation from children as music instantly attracts attention.
  • Little Chefs: Let the kids dirty their hands and clothes while preparing a rainbow sandwich. Children are often very intrigued by cooking and can showcase a lot of creativity in plating or getting different ingredients together to make new recipes that they love.
  • Photography: Some children have the passion for photography right from the beginning. You can encourage this interest by making them familiar with a durable camera. Also you can provide some tips regarding lighting, composition etc. as it will help in enhancing their skills.
  • Reading and Writing: Introduce them to books suiting their age and intellectual level. Make the process of storytelling interesting by incorporating theater and shows in the classroom. You can also encourage the kids to express themselves freely by writing their ideas down on certain topics and later on reading them aloud for the entire class.
  • Games: Fun games like treasure hunt, musical chairs or hopscotch let the kids be at ease while learning essential life skills. Playing mind and word games also activate their creative side and help them learn new things.
The earlier the kids are introduced to fun creative activities, the better it is as their impressionable minds have great grasping powers. Parents must encourage kids to explore more and more so they grow up to be independent and intelligent.

We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, offer a wide range of creative activities for kids aged 6 to 18 years. For more information, visit our office at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541 or call at (254) 699-5808.

Tips To Choose An After-School Program

Parents often look for interesting after-school programs or activities to keep their kids engaged and make them learn new things. The kids can play sports, join drama classes and learn various creative skills, which will be useful for them in their later life. These programs can keep the child occupied in learning activities that are beneficial for their social well-being as well as help them explore their hidden talents.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right after-school program for your child:

  • Know the interest of your child: Before you start looking for an after-school program, make sure you understand your child’s likes and dislikes. You can even consult his teachers for any suggestions according to the child’s performance in sports and academics.
  • Check what kids’ club has to offer: You can get the list of extracurricular activities from the club to ensure that they offer the particular program that interests your child. Whether your child wants to join a sports activity or looking forward to learn some dramatic skills, make sure the club has the intended programs.
  • Check the curriculum and quality of program: The program that you choose must offer a variety of enriching activities, both creative and athletic. Besides art and craft, the program can include performing arts, music, drama and other activities. Special events should also be organized from time to time to encourage children’s participation. You should make sure the program helps in developing interpersonal and social skills of the child as well as foster his self-worth.
  • Staff and safety: It is your prime responsibility to ensure that the club that you select ensures safety of the children. Make sure they have the necessary equipment for protection of the kids during sports and other activities. Also, the facility should be clean and well ventilated. The instructors at the club should be qualified and trained to cater to the needs of the child.
  • Assistance in homework: Besides recreational activities, you can also opt for tutoring programs to help your child with homework. It will help in keeping a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. The child will also be able to learn time management skills which can be very beneficial throughout his life.
We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, organize an array of after-school programs for kids aged between 6 and 18 years. For more information about activities offered, you can call at (254) 699 - 5808 or visit the club at 304 W Ave B Killeen, TX 76541