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Benefits of Joining After-School activities For Kids

After-School Activities are a great way to ignite young minds with new learnings & experiences. These multifaceted activities help to promote holistic growth, self-confidence, positive behaviour, emotional stability, communication skills and academic performance.

  • Holistic Wellbeing - After-school activities significantly contribute in overall development of a child. They strengthens the physical, mental, social, personal and intellectual health. With holistic care approach, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas empower children to help them maximize their learning potential.
  • Enhances Brain Functioning - Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, has curated numerous clubs and after school activities to help students enhance the cognitive power & metacognitive skills. They help children to develop problem resolving skills and self-awareness.
  • Improves Emotional Stability & Social Skills - After-school activities creates an interactive learning environment which helps to build socio-emotional competency. It instils a sense of inclusion and offers a healthy social support system. The organic learning in after school activities channelizes the emotions and mental power in a positive manner. Children get to build positive integration of thoughts, new friendships and relations which eventually helps them to hone better social skills.
  • Self-Regulation & Behaviour Management - Self-Regulation & Behaviour management are two important components of a healthy persona. Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, encourage children to develop interpersonal skills and good character traits. Being in an enriching social landscape, a child learns to maintain his/her composure and gets to demonstrate self-regulation skills and positive behaviour.
  • Enhances Physical Well-Being - ‘To Develop a Healthier Generation’ is one of the goals for which Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas has been encouraging students to indulge in various physical activities. Football, basketball, swimming and other sports help in promoting physical wellbeing of children. Well-structured programs at Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas propagates healthy lifestyle and wholesome living.
  • Boosts Academic Performance - After school activities helps in boosting academic performance of a child. They build higher level of focus and retaining power.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas conducts various after- school activities to impart learning beyond the walls of a classroom. It helps to increase social, physical and academic proficiency. Explore innovative programs designed specifically to encourage youth to excel in academics, become ideal citizens and lead healthy, productive lives.

Enrol your little ones in Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas to reap the benefits of after-school activities.

You can visit Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas administration office located at 703 N 8th St. Killeen, TX – 76541 USA. To know more about clubs, fill the contact form available on the website.

What Can Kids Learn On The Football Field?

In addition to being a thrilling game, football teaches some great life lessons that foster physiological and social development of kids. The football field is a treasure trove of life skills like discipline, perseverance, time-management, fitness and teamwork amongst others.

Here are some invaluable life lessons that kids can learn by being a part of the football team:

  • Teamwork: Football field teaches kids how a team functions as every player on the field has an important role for the team as a whole. It teaches them the importance of working in sync with others to achieve a common goal. They learn the importance of trusting one another for the collective interest of the team.
  • Setting Goals: Playing football involves setting goals related to catches, sacks, tackles, rushing yardage, passing yardage and more. Each player on the field is entrusted with certain goals to achieve as a member of the team. As adults, these lessons prove to be useful at both the workplace and home. They learn how to set goals and work relentlessly towards achieving them.
  • Perseverance: The football field teaches kids to remain focused and not to quit in spite of the challenges they face throughout a game. They learn that the only way out of a roadblock is through it. Such kids often grow into tough adults who look for a solution to every problem.
  • Discipline And A Strong Work Ethic: There is no scope for laziness and delay when it comes to a sport like football. Kids no matter what, learn to be on time for the practice sessions and game. This translates into a strong work ethic as they become more disciplined in their personal lives. This virtue can also improve their grades in school.
  • Being A Graceful Winner And Loser: A player/team can either win or lose. Football teaches kids how to take both failure and success in their stride. They grow to understand that success and failure are two sides of a coin, both of which should be accepted gracefully. Playing football teaches kids how to remain dedicated and committed towards improving themselves.
  • Social Skills: Social skills developed at a young age stay for life. Kids learn invaluable social skills at football field such as effective communication, leadership skills, trust, and more. Kids who play sports like football grow into adults with high self-esteem and confidence.
Lessons learnt on the football field positively impact every aspect of a chi m,kld’s life and also extend into their lives as adults. They grow into happy, confident, energetic and inspired adults who thrive successfully in their families and at the workplace.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, offers variety of programs for kids aged 6 to 18 years. To enroll your child at the club, call at (254) 699 –5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Benefits Of After-School Programs

After-school programs are perfect for utilizing your child’s free time to do something productive. These programs are specifically beneficial for hyperactive kids as they get an outlet to use their pent up energy in a fruitful manner. After-school programs also enhance the overall personality of your child and makes him confident to face the world. Some other important benefits of such programs are listed below:

  • Increases Interest In Academics: After-school programs provide the kids with an opportunity to complete their homework and also ask for additional help, if required. The informal environment at these clubs is great for increasing a child’s interest in academics. They are introduced to new concepts in Mathematics and Science which eventually improves the academic performance in school.
  • Develops Confidence: After-school programs encourage kids to take up new hobbies and tasks that they haven’t tried previously. This gives the children a sense of freedom which might not be a regular feature in their school. The willingness to try new things and take risks builds their self-esteem and acts as confidence booster. A confident personality is essential to succeed in personal and professional life. 
  • Inculcates Leadership Skills: Children participating in after-school programs also get to develop leadership skills. Being in-charge of various activities or taking up leadership roles such as the head of a student council etc. gives volunteering prospects to kids. This provides them a sneak peek into the working ways of the professional organizations and also inculcates leadership qualities.
  • Keeps Children Physically Active: The clubs encourage children to remain physically active by getting involved in football, tennis and basketball etc. Not only do after-school activities promote physical fitness, but also teach children about sportsmanship and teamwork. Additionally, there are many after-school programs that pay attention to nutrition as well. Special care is taken to give children wholesome food and manage their daily diets.
  • Enhances Social Skills: A good after-school program has a mix of kids from various backgrounds and social statuses. When children interact with each other and learn new things, it automatically improves their social skills. Performing group activities teaches them to cooperate with everyone and respect each other. They are also more likely to start a new conversation or join an entirely new group in the school if they get the right guidance during after-school activities.
  • Keeps Kids Away From Unsafe Environment: There are many children with attention and learning issues who go to attend after-school programs. These children are most likely to get engaged in drug abuse or other petty crimes if they have too much free time on hand. However, an after-school program can keep students away from any kind of risky behavior and also lead to fewer behavioral issues by making them use their time in a creative way.
We, at Boys & Girls Clubs Of Central Texas, offer a wide range of after-school programs for the kids aged 7 to 17 years. To enroll your child at the club, call at (254) 699 – 5808 or visit 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX – 76541.

Why Football Is Best Sport For Youth?

Football is one of the popular sports amongst the youth that is played with immense zest and energy. Like any other sport, playing football can prove to be a great physical activity that breaks the mundane routine of sitting indoors the whole day. The youth needs to play more football because it has a number of benefits to offer. Football is definitely the best sport for youth and below is a list of reasons that proves this:

  • Offers multiple health benefits: It offers many health benefits for the youth. Since it involves a lot of physical activity, football players get ample opportunities to improve their stamina and agility. Moreover, playing football also gives a chance to gain physical strength, improve hand-eye coordination as well as cardiovascular health. This is important for overall health and well-being.
  • Instills discipline: Football requires a lot of precision and to achieve this every player needs to be extremely attentive on the field. Even a minor error on a player’s part can snatch away the game from the contemporaries. Therefore, the youth involved in playing football imbibes the quality of discipline and also learns to apply this trait in all the other walks of life.
  • Promotes mental toughness: The sport makes you a mentally strong individual. Players battle defeats and injuries to overcome all the obstacles and emerge as winners in this sport. Most of the players are not even aware of their level of mental toughness till they start playing football regularly.
  • Requires a higher skill set unlike other sports: Football is a game that requires multiple skills in order to become a good player. There are players who need to be standing on the offensive and defensive positions. A complete strategy needs to be devised in order to emerge victorious in this sport. There is no other sport that requires so many different skill sets; all of which need to work together for them to be truly effective.
  • Helps in formation of lifelong friendships: Playing football requires teamwork and this leads to formation of lifelong friendships. All the teammates practice the sport while aiming at their goal of winning the game. This helps in understanding the importance of relationships and teamwork as well as builds bonds that last a lifetime.
  • Helps in development of work ethic: A lot of practice and perseverance is required in football so as to succeed. Sometimes the players have to perform in erratic weather conditions without having to worry about the extremely hot or cold temperatures. The strong ethic that football players develop while enjoying the sport is something that is useful in other aspects of life as well.
We, at Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, offer a wide range of sports activities including Youth Football for boys in the age group of 7 to 12 years. To inquire about the enrollment procedure, call us at (254) 699 – 5808.