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Fun Dental Activities For Kids

Maintaining oral health is important to avoid any tooth problems and ensure fewer visits to the dentist. When it comes to dental care, the earlier you start the better it is. Kids should be taught about the benefits of brushing and other healthy practices such as flossing that prolongs the life of their teeth. There are a number of fun activities for kids that can make dental care interesting. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • Dental Health Programs: Certain kids clubs organize dental health programs. Their aim is to educate the kids about the importance of keeping the teeth clean. They teach them the overall health benefits of maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Demonstrate To Teach: To make learning interactive, you can use various methods to demonstrate the importance of teeth. Use an apple and prick it with a needle to explain how cavities damage the tooth till the roots. Teachers and parents can show them how to properly brush the teeth.
  • Count Them All: Educate the kids about the number of teeth they have by making them count their own. Then show them through illustrations that an adult has 28 to 32 teeth, which once fallen will not grow back. This not only fascinates the kids but they may also get encouraged to take better care of their teeth even when they grow up.
  • Learning Through Coloring: To make the kids familiar with the tooth’s anatomy, you can draw the teeth in different sizes on a sheet and ask the kids to color them. It will help them to understand how the tooth looks. You can also make the kids differentiate between the shapes of the teeth and teach them the various uses of those located in the front as well as back of the mouth.
  • Learn Through The Alphabets: You can draw the teeth on a chalk board to teach the kids about cavities and importance of brushing. Cover the teeth with colored alphabets to demonstrate candies and germs. Hand the kid with a duster which is meant to act like a tooth brush. Guide him to erase them one by one to have shiny clean teeth.  
The above mentioned activities can teach the kids to keep their teeth clean and free from cavities. Inculcate healthy activities in your kids’ routine like brushing twice a day and avoiding sticky, sweet foods. The better they care, the stronger teeth they will have.

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