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Importance Of Art In Overall Development Of A Child

As the sun colors flowers, so does art colors life John Lubbock

Whether music, craft or drama, art practiced in any form gives joy. To succeed in life an individual must think creatively, be original, have ability to accept new ideas and innovate. Its importance cannot be denied in twenty first century, given the fact that art helps in imbibing all these skills into a child at a tender age. Here, we have listed few points that testify how art contributes to the overall development of a child.

  • Increases Creativity – Practicing art opens up their mind and helps them to think from different perspectives. When children learn to create and innovate they are able to witness the joy that comes with it. It opens up the doors to the world of creativity as they tend to do common things in a different and impressive way.
  • Exploring Themselves – It amplifies their originality and helps them to think out of the box. Children create to express themselves and their opinions. It allows them to widen their horizons and explore hidden talents.
  • Improves Overall Performance – All work and no play makes jack a dull boy! Art helps kids to improve their critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities and the understanding about people & things around them. Studies show that children who practice art in one form or the other perform better in academics as well as other fields.
  • Boosts Confidence – It allows children to step out of their comfort zones and take creative risks. Their confidence and morale boosts up when they get appreciated while showing or portraying their artistic skills in front of others.
  • Collaborate With Cooperation – Art helps kids to embrace diversity of ideas and cultures as many activities like theater, music band etc. require kids to work together in groups or teams. They are able to interpret and evaluate different point of views. It also helps them to understand the value of each and every person and their contribution to success of the group.
  • Better Organizing Skills – It increases their ability to organize and manage things in a better way. It improves their concentration power and focus, which is imperative at every stage of life.
  • Builds Motor Skills – Art activities help in improving their motor skills and their ability to do and handle things. From cutting papers, squeezing out glue and coloring, they are better able to coordinate themselves and their movements.
  • Keeps Them Busy –Practicing art keeps them busy and occupied. It helps them learn a new skill and stay active. So kids must involve themselves in some activity to utilize their spare time.
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