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Reasons To Teach Basic Computer Skills To Children

The future belongs to those who are well-versed with computers as there will be a massive growth in number of jobs related to computer and information technology. So, introducing kids to basic computer skills early on is the first step towards setting them up for a successful life ahead.

Here is a list of some major benefits that children with basic computer skills have over those without such skills:

  • Problem Solving Skills And Critical Thinking: Kids with basic computational skills are better at solving problems. Programming teaches them to make use of their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills so instead of just focusing on a problem, they look for solutions.
  • Helpful In The Classroom: It is believed that kids who learn computer skills perform better than their peers in academics and are more likely to be admitted into prestigious colleges. They are at an edge when it comes to preparing assignments, PowerPoint presentations, excel sheets etc.
  • Boosts Creativity: Technology broadens the horizons of kids and expands possibilities of what they can do. Computer science is empowering and fun for kids. They learn how to make modifications as per their preferences. It is from such things that great innovations and products are made.
  • Kids Get Better At Focusing: In computers science, multi-tasking is not an option. Every problem has to be dealt individually with complete focus. Kids adopt the same discipline which helps them achieve best result in whatever they do.
  • Builds Confidence: An intrinsic part of computer skills is to solve problems individually. When kids solve problems on their own, they grow more confident and are willing to take risks and try new things.
  • Improve Language Skills And Storytelling Abilities: There is no doubt that computer skills help kids perform better in math and science. However, they have also shown to improve the reading and writing skills of students. The analytical and sequencing skills from computer science have a positive impact on language classes too. Kids with some knowledge in computers become better at sequencing and use the same skills in story-telling too.
  • Scope For Better Jobs As Adults: Most of the jobs in 21st century are computer based. So, empowering kids with computer skills builds the foundation for a more secure future.

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